Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Solifugid Campaign, Radiation Rules

This week saw the aggressors remain on the offensive, with the Dark Angels recovering from a rough start to a victory, while the Imperial Guard turned tail and ran at the sight of the Eldar host! Seeking to keep their momentum, both armies planned some daring attacks on their foes...

Well, my opponent never showed up so I guess I win by default. Here are the rules for how we work the daytime radiation of Solifugid.

I was inspired by the story of Tallarn, and I wanted vehicles to be safe, and I also wanted Terminator armor to be pretty safe as well (it's designed for working in a vacuum), and for power armor to be meaningful, as marines are resistant to radiation while unprotected hordes will suffer. To reflect this, at the beginning of every game turn for turns 1 and 2, all models take a S1 hit with no cover save allowed. On turns 3 and 4, the strength is increased to 2 as the sun gets higher. For turns 5+ the strength is 3. Since Daemons, Necrons, and Tyranids have no options for transport vehicles to protect themselves they receive Feel No Pain against this hit to represent their otherworldly constitutions.

I considered making it just a dangerous terrain test, but that makes elite, well armored armies suffer more than horde armies. I also considered make it a straight 4+ wound, but then monstrous creatures suffer disproportionately.

I am considering making the hits stronger. In our test games, it's caused a casualty or two (late game it causes a lot more, however) but I really want to strike fear into the generals, to get everyone into bunkers or transport vehicles. Perhaps every turn the strength increases by one, to a max of 4, or I should keep it the way it is and have the hits occur every player turn.

Next I'll go over some mission types, and some expanded bunker rules we're working on.


  1. Interesting rules for radiation. I was expecting you to use poison rules (5+ or 6+), but the escalating strength is an interesting approach and gives "proper" resilience to higher toughness models.

    I am somewhat curious why you chose to not allow cover saves...unless you are using the vehicle-like building rules.

    The mathematician in me is considering using the Fibonacci sequence for the strength of the attack to model the effects of increased doses of radiation (i.e. Turn 1-Str 1, Turn 2-Str 1, Turn 3-Str-2, Turn 4-Str 3, Turn 5-Str 5, Turn 6-Str 8, Turn 7-Str 13(i guess D strength at this point?))

    It will probably be too extreme for your use, but I'm excited about trying it out with my friends.

  2. There are no cover saves because we are indeed using the AV rules for buildings. I am not a huge fan of the way they work in 5th, but since they are so prominent in this campaign we're going to tweak them a little.

    Fibonacci, eh? I may consider that. It certainly makes getting into a bunker a top priority by the end of the game. If you do try it, let me know how it goes.


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