Saturday, December 5, 2009

Number Crunching On The New Tyranid Battleforce

The new Tyranid Battleforce is up for order now. Here's the contents:

3 Warriors
8 Genestealers
16 Hormagaunts
16 Termagants
3 Ripper Swarms

That's 46 models total. At a price of $105, that's $2.28 per model. Let's break it down more specifically.

3 Warriors are $35
8 Stealers are $30
16 Hormagaunts are $33.27 (new packaging with 12 for $24.95)
16 Termagants are $33.27
Rippers are free, practically.

The grand total separate is $131.54. You save 25%. Now let's compare it to the old Battleforce.

3 Warriors $35
8 Stealers $30
8 Hormagaunts and 8 Gaunts $35
1 Carnifex $45
2 Rippers

Separate, the total is $145. It used to retail for $90, at an average of $4.09 per model. You saved 61%.

(edit: For some reason that number looks wrong. I have triple checked my numbers and I still get the same result. I am very bad at math, so any math people that could help me out would be appreciated.)

Now I'm wishing I got the old Battleforce when I could. Oh well. The new one is still a deal, especially if you get it at the Warstore or somewhere, and especially if you need lots of gaunts it is a better deal in that regard. But the old Battleforce was nice because it was a very cheap way to get a Carnifex.

Now I'm really wishing that I had got that Tyranid Assault Brood back in the day...


  1. You should use the new price for the gaunts in both calculations but that is only a small difference. What you are not remembering is that 4 years ago the 90 dollar battleforce was actually 120 dollars. Then in a rare GW price drop they made all the battleforces the same at 90 then started redoing them with less stuff but tyranids took a long time to get into the update que.

    If you want a real kick in the teeth look back about 18 months ago at the Tyranid Assault Brood: 2 Carnefex battleforces with a bonus carnefex for 180. And it was not direct only so if your store did discounting you could get it for 20% or more off. I think I got mine for like 143 including tax.

    I still have not assembled them or played them so wait for the nex codex and build them up.

  2. Yeah I remember that box. By the time I scraped up enough money for it, it was all gone.


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