Saturday, March 28, 2009

Airbrushing Frenzy

Thursday I decided to get some airbrushing done, and I figured while I was at it I should brush everything I had that needed it. I got a lot done. You can see about 30 Deathwing terminators (which I am painting as a commission), two Deathwing Landraiders, 10 Swooping Hawks, 12 Howling Banshees, a Forgeworld Cobra, a Barbed Heirodule and a Malanthrope.

The Deathwing are a light cream color, when I go over them with the ink they will be darker. I had to custom mix that color using white airbrush paint and Bleached Bone. The Hawks are a blend of a few colors, I'm not fully satisfied with it, but they're still far down the painting queue. My Tyranid paint scheme is purple skin with blue carapace, so I only painted the skin on the nids. The nice thing about the airbrush colors is they naturally act like washes, saving me a step. Finally, the Cobra got a black coat.

Instead of using black primer on the Cobra, I opted to use a white primer with a black airbrush coat. The reason why is that I can't fine black primer anywhere. No hardware store seems to carry it. I used to get it years ago, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Rather than shell out $15 for a can of GW primer, I'd rather spend $4 on some white primer from the hardware store. I tried the Armory brand but it ended up getting bumpy and chunky on my models.

Anyway, I'm working on the Landraiders right now. Once those and the Terminators are done, I'll work on my Cobra.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dire Avengers Pictures

Sweet tears of Isha these guys took forever to paint. I started painting them sometime in February and finally finished today. Of course, as I uploaded the pictures I realized I missed some of the basing on the Exarch near his right foot...back to work!

Anyway, my craftworld's aspect warriors use a variation of the traditional colors. I was inspired to do this after reading a post from a veteran Eldar player with an army fully painted up to fluff. He frequently noted that even though it was fully fluffy, nothing looked like it belonged together. There's no unifying color scheme. To prevent that with my army, I've been using black and the traditional color together (no idea what I'm going to do with the Reapers, give me time). Hopefully, this will help the army look like it all belongs together.

On the Exarch, this is my first attempt at doing a freehand with pen. The Avengers symbol is painted on, while the writing in the corners was done with a Micron pen. It took me a bit to get it right, and I'm still not satisfied with it, but these guys are 12 point troops and I think I already spent enough time with them. I learned a lot about painting with these guys. By the way, make sure you glue the guns on last, that would have saved a lot of trouble.

The Exarch is fully magnetized. This was my first attempt at magnetic figures. I didn't bother painting his other options out of sheer laziness. I should I'm never going to get around to it. Tomorrow I begin work on a commissioned Dark Angels Whirlwind.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's On My Painting Table?

More like, what's not on it. Over at BOLS they had an open thread about what's on your table. I'm proud to say that my Dire Avengers are no longer on my painting table. I just put the flock on them and will photograph them tomorrow.

Next up is either a wave serpent that I've started, my Forgeworld stuff, and a commission. I will likely do the commissioned Whirlwind first, followed by the Wave Serpent. While I'm anxious to start on my Cobra I do need to set myself on a scheme before I start. I have to body figured out but I'm still struggling on ideas for the gun.

Coming soon: pictures of the Dire Avengers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Minor Broodlord Conversion

*Edit: See the finished product here.

Forgive the terrible picture quality! I wanted to model the biomorphs that I usually take on my Broodlord, so I took pieces from a couple of different Tyranid kits and added them. While the Extended Carapace and the Toxin Sacs aren't very noticeable, I think the Flesh Hooks look great. I tried doing Feeder Tendrils but that didn't work out so well. I decided that his tongue would have to represent those. He's still got the "hug me" pose, but the flesh hooks really do make a difference to it. He has now been basecoated and anxiously awaits my does almost everything else I own.

In other news, the Dire Avengers are almost finished! Just a little bit of highlights and touch ups, plus basing and they will be finished.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Forgeworld Update

So I have all my Forgeworld models cleaned and assembled (except for the Nightspinner, for which I will need a Falcon chassis). For the Cobra, I have not glued on the engines, the cannon, the cannon housing or the pilots. I intend to paint those separately as painting them together would make certain spots inaccessible. Also for the Cobra, I had to shave off the little bump where the gun meets the chassis as it was crooked.

For the Hierodule, I glued his body all together except the arms and the lower jaw (it would be very difficult to get the teeth with the jaw in place). I also did not glue the legs to the base. I set up pins in all the arm joints for painting purposes and to help glue them later on.

The Malanthrope is entirely glued together (with the exception of the base). None of the pieces will really interfere with painting. I probably need to magnetize it to the base so it's easier for transportation.

I am currently finishing up painting a Dire Avenger squad, when they're done I am going to either finish up another Wave Serpent or start on the Cobra. I'll at least get the basecoat done and will decide later what to do.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forgeworld Goodies!

Technically, this post is a bit late seeing as this actually arrived last week (I've been working on putting them together, that's why I didn't post this sooner). Thought I'd post what came in the mail.

I agonized for weeks on what to get and finally settled on it. I considered getting a Nightwing or Trygon, but did not because rumors have been floating around about those models coming out in plastic. Also, I could easily convert a Trygon out of a Carnifex. I considered getting a Tyranid Assault Brood with my funds but seeing as the pound was at a record low, I figured this would be the best chance to get some Forgeworld models at a great price.

I debated most heavily on the Malanthrope. While it's little more than a glorified Hive Tyrant, I love the look of the model. It's the most Lovecraftian Tyranid beast and as a fan of Lovecraft, looks won over rules.

There's a Whirlwind in there which a friend ordered and tacked it along my order. Oddly enough, it was cheaper from Forgeworld than a regular one would be at the GW store.

I also got the Night Spinner conversion kit. My original plan was to get a Firestorm+Night Spinner and magnetize the turret, but they don't give you enough parts to do that. I don't actually have a Falcon chassis for it right now, but I'm getting a Cloudstrike squadron once I get a bit caught up on my painting backlog. I am instead going to do a Firestorm conversion. Yet another project on the back burner...

Then there's the Cobra. It's a massive model, and they kindly didn't include any parts list so I hope I got everything. It's probably not the most effective unit for its cost, and it only has one gun, but said gun's power level is over 9,000. I can't wait to have one turn of ultimate destruction, followed by nothing but weapon shaken results. But, that one turn will be worth it.

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