Friday, October 17, 2008

Autarch Tragedy

So I was working on my autarch for Way of Saim-Hann's contest. I used Armory black primer, and it destroyed my model. It came out looking like he had ridden straight through a black, sticky snowstorm. The model was covered in powder. Not to mention, it wasn't black but a dark gray. So I'm never using Armory again. It did the same thing to my Scorpions, but not as bad. It didn't powder my vehicles, but I did have to go over them in black because the basecoat wasn't actually black. And while I was holding it one of the flags broke off. So no contest for me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Settling Down

Well we're finally in our new home, and my Warhammer stuff is mostly found and mostly unpacked. Once things are really settled around here I'll be posting some new stuff. I am currently painting my Jetbike Autarch, and am finishing up a Windrider Host. Still a ways to go on that one.

This weekend, I'm hopefully going to begin construction of my own gaming table. I have only attempted to build terrain once, and while it looked nice it fell apart after just a few months. The proper building foam isn't available in California, so I'll have to wait on building it until my friend goes home for a vacation, to pick some up for me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Tragic Breaking of a Titan

Here is a picture of my titan in action at a 12,000 pt game down at the LA Battle Bunker. My Eldar and a friend's Dark Angels versus the Orks, controlled by two other friends. This picture was taken before the game started, as we deployed our heavy armor up front, right on the line.

My friend needs to paint his stuff. I need to finish painting mine. The titan's paint job is not complete and his basing is certainly not done. I would be finished painting it by now, but tragedy befell.

Anyone who has driven on the 405 in LA knows how the road is bumpy and uneven. I had my titan on my lap (my Dark Angels friend was driving), guns facing up because I didn't have a case for it. I was reading the Apocalypse book (pictured in the background) when we hit a big bump, and the inertia of the book dropped it straight down on the tip of the right gun. Because it is slanted, it twisted and snapped the arm right off.

When we got to the bunker, I whipped out the superglue and managed to get it stuck back on temporarily. I'm still not sure how I did it, clay doesn't normally work well with superglue. The game began. On the first bit of movement, my friend reached past the Titan to move his stuff. He hit the barrel of the left pulsar and the side jets, knocking them right off. This time I couldn't get it glued back on. We continued the game though I was upset that my ally was destroying my own Titan!

On the second turn, he reached for some dice near my Titan, and broke the other pulsar off, in a different place than it originally broke! My now armless Titan was a mess. We finished the game and I plotted how to fix it.

It took me a while, but it's fixed now. I braced the arms with bronze rods, and put large rare-earth magnets on the ends, as well as on the guns so they're detachable now for transportation and clumsy hands. I braced all the protruding parts with tons of epoxy. It's a lot tougher now, but now I'm beginning to regret building it in clay, in case some other accidental brushings occur.

When I finish painting it, I'll post the pictures. Might be a while. I've got an autarch to paint.

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