Friday, August 1, 2008

Minor Tyrant Guard Conversion

While at the local (and by local I mean 1.5 hours away) Battle Bunker to pick up 5th Edition, they were having the "Mercenary Night" where people come to sell their armies and make trades. There was a guy there who had loads of third edition stuff. He happened to have a bunch of Spore Mines and two Tyrant Guard. I didn't like the third edition model too much, but the price was just too good to give up.

The picture quality is not the best here, but you can see that I added some spikes on his shield. These were from the Genestealer scything talons. Using Green Stuff I also made him blind as the 4th Edition fluff makes them, and extended his carapace to match the hive tyrant. It looked a little plain before this, but I think it's a little better now.

I am considering re-doing the spikes on the shield as I'm not fully satisfied with them. His legs are also too spindly, and I may do something about that but I'm not sure what. They are just cannon fodder so I shouldn't worry too much about them, but my hive tyrant needs a proper retinue.

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