Thursday, November 27, 2008


I had to strip the paint off my jetbike autarch. As I did so, all the glue fell apart so I have to redo everything. This is a good thing as I think I can do much better than that. I found a better way to do the wings, and I'm going to put the fusion gun under the fuselage with a magnet so I can swap it out for a reaper launcher. Almost everything else of mine is magnetized; why sell myself short on this one?

I've also discovered airbrushing. I got 40 something gaunts basecoated a bit ago in a matter of an hour. By hand that would have taken days.

I also painted a Dark Angels drop pod for a friend, I'll post pictures of that later.

Furthermore, I am building a hinged game board. It's 4x8, but is hinged in half for storage. It's hard to fit a big board in a small house. I've been taking pictures of the process, those will be posted soon.

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