Friday, December 11, 2009

Final Game With 4th Edition Tyranids This Tuesday

This Tuesday will be my final game with the 4th edition codex. After reading the very latest round of rumors, I am realizing that I need to play my Eldar as much as I can before the new codex hits, because it's going to take many, many games to try out all the new options.

I just assembled a 2nd Edition Screamer-Killer that I got off Ebay for cheap that I want to use as a CC carnifex before I convert it into some new monstrosity.

I'm not going to bother repeating all the new rumors, you know how to find them, Warpshadow or Warseer should have all the latest confirmations. But here's some choice tidbits that have me the most excited:

The Tyrannofex: Basically, a heavily armed monstrous creature. There's no model for it yet, but I am really looking forward to creating my own. It's going to have a TON of weapons (including a 20 shot one), and basically be awesome.

Can't remember what it's called: A flying monstrous creature that bombs spore mines on people.

Tervigon: An HQ unit that generates Termagants every turn.

People are saying that there's only 4 new units in the book...that's not true. There's a ton more. Only 4 of them are getting models. January is shaping up to be a rough month on my pocketbook.

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  1. The new codex certainly looks grand. To bad my gaming budget is so close to zero all I will be able to get in the near term is the codex. But I do still have a tyrant, 3 fexes, 14 stealers, 6 warriors, 32 guants, 2 zoans, and a guard to assemble from my 4th edition army. None of the new fancy stuff though.


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