Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, and Post 108!

Merry Christmas everyone! Also I have reached that most auspicious of numbers, 108. I didn't notice when I hit 100 so I figured I'd go for some Chinese numerology.

Anyway, coming soon I will put up a Ravenwing tutorial, and how to magnetize Carnifexes. I'm sure that people will be needing that one come January.

Edit: Also, R.I.P. Brimstone. I always looked forward to his posts. He was a great asset to our community. My thoughts go out to his family especially during this time of year.

If you aren't sure who Brimstone was, he was a moderator on Warseer and a very valuable contributor to the Warhammer community. He was one of the most credible rumor sources, and always provided a level-headed opinion of things even despite all the madness that can go on in a Warhammer forum.

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