Monday, October 31, 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures: A Review

As a preface to this review, this encounter took place a few months ago.  I am just now getting around to writing about it.  The product mentioned below seems to no longer be available from their website, but I would assume the same quality from their other products.

I ordered the Secret Weapon Miniatures Infected Village bases for my Mordheim Skaven warband.  I ordered two sets since Skaven can get up to twenty guys in the warband.  The shipping was timely and inexpensive.

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When I got them I was impressed by the quality.  They bases have a nice heft to them, they're not flimsy at all.  They stand slightly taller than a standard base and the edge is not bevelled (more room for detail that way).  I had to do a minimum of trimming flash and washing to get them ready to go.

As I was cleaning the bases I noticed that I had only 19.  I double, triple counted and emailed MisterJustin and told him I was short one.  I had already worked out which of the ten it was I was missing and was prepared to show him which one, expecting only to receive the missing base.  I was surprised when I received an email back saying that he was sending me a full set of ten!

This is a great example of customer service.  He responded to my email promptly and sent the new bases out without delay.  I recommend Secret Weapon Miniatures if anything for their customer service.  They have a wide variety of products, not just bases.  They've been adding a lot of terrain lately as well as creative additions to terrain like buffalo skeletons.  I will certainly be buying from them again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two Blogs That Need More Followers

Forever Alone

First off I'd like to thank Zero over at Hive Zero for his contest in the which I was the only entrant!  So naturally I won.  The contest was to send in your best painted Blood Angel model (no vehicles).  I submitted my Brother Claudio.  The contest ran for a whole month and I was the only entrant?  How many people play Blood Angels?  In the words of Gob Bluth, "Come on!"

The prize is Death Angel, the Space Hulk card game by Fantasy Flight Games.  He has another copy, so follow his blog for updates.

The second blog I'd like to plug is a new one by one of the guys in my area, Col. Dracus.  He is in the process of creating a homebrew Space Marine chapter using various 3rd party add ons to create a really interesting chapter.  His basing scheme is one of the most unique I've seen.  I'm currently painting a Forgeworld Huron to serve as his chapter master.

Don't let these blogs be Forever Alone.

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