Monday, June 15, 2009

Painting Deathwing, Part 2

Painting Deathwing Part 1
Painting Deathwing Part 3
The Completed Deathwing

Phase two of my series on how I paint the Deathwing. Now that the basecoat has been established we begin picking out the details.

Step one is to undercoat the details black. In this case I paint the icons and weapons black. Most of the time, I leave the skulls bone white, though you can make them metallic if you wish.

Step two is to paint the metallics. I do the icons with Boltgun Metal on the outside, and Burnished Gold on the inside things. Try to be careful not to get paint in the crevices, but if you do we'll wash it later. Below you can see another example of how I do the Boltgun Metal/Gold combo. At this point I also highlight the areas that are going to stay black with Boltgun Metal to make them look scratched and used.

Paint the wings on the chest Dark Angels Green. I also paint the weapons housing green. I've seen it also painted red, I chose green because it helps unify the army.

I then do the wax portion of the purity seals in Scab Red and the parchment in regular Bleached Bone. Some models have other parchment on their armor, this too is given Bleached Bone. After this, I give the parchment a wash of Gryphonne Sepia. Now wash the metal areas with Badab Black and the gold with Devlan Mud, and touch up any armor areas that may need re-washing.

Time for the eyes. I do this with my first highlight color, a bit of yellow mixed with Dark Angels Green. The way I do it is I get my brush wet, dip it in the color and try to remove most of it from the brush. Then I gently dab it on the eyes. If you did it right, the color flows into the cracks of the eyes leaving the raised surface automatically highlighted. This doesn't work on every type of model, but it does wonders on Terminators because of the way their eyes are shaped. I then highlight the rest of the green, then do a second highlight with an even lighter Dark Angels Green and a lot more Sunburst Yellow.

Now I finish highlighting everything else. I use Mithril for the metal highlights and Blood Red for the purity seals. I use the highlight colors for the lenses above the model's helmet using the same technique as the eyes (both red and green). For the parchment, I use a bit of bleached bone mixed with skull white. Not quite as light as the armor color, but close. I then use pure white as the highlight for the bone colors.

The next part of this tutorial will cover finishing touches and bringing the model to life, including how to paint the Deathwing symbol. I'll also have more pictures of the final product in better lighting.


  1. Looks good, I don't remember part 1, but how about including a link to it in part 2 for those of us who are old and miss things.

  2. Done! Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Thanks for the link, I'm always fascinated by how people paint Deathwing, maybe because I know just how hard it can be.


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