Saturday, May 30, 2009

Painting Deathwing, Part 1

Painting Deathwing, Part 2
Painting Deathwing, Part 3
The Completed Deathwing

While painting a friend's Deathwing, I was searching online for the best way to do it. I wasn't satisfied with any of the ways presented and finally struck out on my own. Here's how I paint the Deathwing.

Step 1: Basecoat the model. I use about a 50/50 mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White as I don't think regular Bleached Bone looks as nice. Here you can see how I used the airbrush to get the entire army basecoated in less than an hour.

Step 2: Using Gryphonne Sepia, I airbrushed the wash right onto the model. I had heard about this technique with the Citadel Airbrush came out and I wanted to try it out. This picture is obviously not a terminator, but as I forgot to get a picture of this step it will have to do. Either way, the colors are the same as I'm doing a similar process for my Banshees.

I chose to airbrush the washes as opposed to brushing for speed. Also, I like the way the wash applies when airbrushed.

Step 3: Now, drybrush the bleached bone mixture over the washed figure. I use a large brush for this step and it goes quickly.

Now you're ready for the detail! The next part will discuss where to go from here.


  1. That is certainly an interesting and fast way of doing it. It still looks a bit whitish (rather than bone-ish) to me, but I'm interested to see the end product.

    Did you thin the wash at all when you airbrushed it on?

  2. I didn't thin it, Gryphonne Sepia is a lighter wash and I didn't feel it necessary. The washes are already much thinner than standard airbrush paint. If it was thinned I don't think it would have gone down very well.

    As for the bone versus white, when I decided on this color scheme I was thinking of dry bones in the desert which are almost pure white with light brown shadows in the sunlight. The GW Bleached Bone is a little more like parchment color, not bone. Perhaps later I'll make a post explaining why I chose the lighter color.


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