Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's 1k List- Eldar

This is the list I'm taking to tonight's game. I'm going for an entirely mobile force but without being a "hard" list. So here's what I came up with.

Autarch on Jetbike with Laser Lance, mandiblasters and Fusion Gun
3x Guardian Jetbikes with cannon
3x Guardian Jetbikes with cannon
3x Guardian Jetbikes with cannon
5x Shining Spears with Exarch and all the trimmings
3x Vypers with EML and cannons
Fire Prism with Holo-fields and spirit stones, cannon

The plan is to reserve everything (depending on who goes first). The Vypers and Prism are going to stay at range popping vehicles and try to lure him out of cover, at which point the Spears led by the Autarch will break them. If he takes a Land Raider the Autarch is going to make a banzai run and pop it with the fusion gun or 6 S6 lance attacks.

This list has a solid core (jetbikes, vypers and prism) but the spears make it more of a fun list. I would never run them in a tourney. I painted them all up and whether I win or not I am going to use them.


  1. I would say that this is a solidly mobile list, if not necessarily a 'hard' list.

    You do the run the risk of having no troops left, as they are soemwhat fragile, and any casualty is a morale check. Depends on the cover available.

    I'd drop the Fire Prism's holofields and spirit stones, as they really don't do much for you.

    I assume the Vypers are seperate? They're not exactly super-durable, but they're pretty nasty little gun platforms.

    I also don't think that the Laser Lance actually is a lance in melee combat; they're S6 power weapons and then an S6 AP2 lance shot. Still, the S6 lance shot isn't as likely to harm a raider, since the whole of the spears might glance it once in a shot.

    I also definitely agree with you on spears being a 'fun' choice. Deadly, they are. THEN they get nuked after that one charge.

  2. The Laser Lance is actually AP 4. I didn't mean to say that it's a lance in combat- I'll see if I can fix that. But he didn't take a raider so no worries on that. The Spears this game were amazing. They killed 25 guys overall and crippled a Dreadnought.

    You're right on the jetbikes- I normally hold them in reserve to protect them but they came on early. He ignored them at first but then hit them hard and wiped out two squads. Had he attacked them I wouldn't have had any scoring units left.

    The game also went into turn 7. I was in position for the win at turn 5 but the game went on, so I had to keep that last unit alive. I still won, but had he made different choices they could have died.

    I'll write up another post as a recap of how various things performed. I didn't play my best but my foe made some mistakes which I was easily able to capitalize.

  3. Yeah, in 1,000 points a land raider is just ridiculous, and while a pair of them are a chunk of the army...if there are no meltaguns or lances in the field, land raider guy wins.

    I'd just misread the bit...I was about to rethink the Shining Spears if they were that badass, but still, if the enemy doesn't stop 'em? They WILL mow throw things. Just he apparently didn't kill enough of 'em.

    Gotta love that random game length...though it works both ways in terms of messing things up. I find that Eldar lends themselves towards a more 'tactical' play; you often just don't have enough to kill every last model the other guy has.

    THen again, with jetbikes as troops...I think more smaller squads is probably the place to start in 1,000, but I think Storm Guardians might be worth considering if you could find the poitns for a wave serpent. They get flamers, at least. Just happen to be pretty pricy.


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