Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zombie 40k Rundown

Tuesday night we ran my new and improved zombie 40k Halloween extravaganza!  It's a mix between every zombie movie/game ever and Mario Kart.  And 40k.  Have a read over those rules before you read the rest of this post.

We had 14 players on one 6'x6' table.  We decided to have 3 escape vehicles to prevent overcrowding.  As the game progressed I had to rewrite the rules to make sure the players on the edges weren't being punished.  That's when I added the zombies rising from their graves in the center.  All my new and improved rules are in the link posted above.

Everyone kept the game moving quickly despite having 14 players, and we were able to resolve the zombie phase by having everyone do their stuff at the same time with another player rolling for the zombies.  Everyone helped move the zombies because they follow their own rules.

It was a lot of fun.  I took a Broodlord and one Stealer, thinking I could just chop my way forward.  It was somewhat effective, and I was in the lead at one point but I kept getting swamped so that's when we decided that the zombies scatter.

We also reduced the zombies to T3 as opposed to T4.  I was afraid of being short of models so that's why I made them T4.  If you run this event and are short models that's a good way to stretch them out.

The Ork Boy Tag Along was originally a guardsman with a flamer but our main guard player didn't show up so we switched it to an Ork.  I think it's funnier that way.

In the end, the Dark Eldar won.  Yes, the new Dark Eldar.  He took Wyches and that 2D6 attacks one, and chopped along.  Despite S3 versus T4 and FNP he still did really well.

One of the Ork players took out most of an Eldar team and a full IG team when they hit the 18" zone, and then he was promptly wasted by the zombies the next turn.  We all had a good laugh about that.

Writing rules is hard!  This isn't a serious attempt at game design, but even then it's quite challenging to make yourself clear.  I'm not too concerned about balance but that was a bit tricky in designing the powerups.  I wanted them to be powerful but not game breaking.  I may nerf the Chuck Norris one but no one rolled it.  I may create a new chart with 3D6 to make even more crazy items.  The trick is to keep it simple, but fun.

If you've run a similar scenario or run mine let me know how it went.  This is a living document.  I need as much feedback as I can get to make this event as fun as possible.  I'm going to run it again on Walpurgis Night (basically a springtime Halloween), hopefully I can get it ironed out well by then.

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