Monday, October 18, 2010

Completed Doomwheel

Of all the models I have ever painted, this one was possibly the most complex.  There are so many surfaces, inside and out that make this a difficult model.  I had to pretty much paint everything separate from each other.  I'm still not satisfied with the base, I need to add some stuff to it as it is kind of boring. 

I considered rusting up the blades but I kind of like it as is.  I can always go back and add it.

I'm also not satisfied with the banner.  I may end up redoing it later.

Interior detail.  I tried a glow effect on the eyes.  It came out better than my other attempts but I still need practice with the technique.


  1. Amazing work. The banner is great but the base is a bit plain. Just add a few rocks or rats or something.

    Great job though.

  2. Very nicely done sir. I particularly like the different shades of wood planks.

  3. @Luckless Xenos: I will probably take you up on your suggestion.

    @oni: For the wood I painted them brown, then drybrushed them with brown mixed with gray, then washed some with Baal Red, Thraka Green and Badab Black. After they dried I then washed the whole thing with Devlan Mud. Make sure the first colored wash isn't too heavy, and you may have to do a second coat of Mud.


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