Friday, May 28, 2010


I had such high hopes for the Night Spinner. I was hoping it would revitalize my Eldar army but it sadly doesn't strike me as terribly effective. That said, I'm still buying the kit for the Prisms, and I'm going to magnetize it. I also intend on trying the vehicle out since I already have the Forgeworld kit and see if it really is as bad as it seems.

The biggest problem I have with it is that it's in the Heavy Support slot. There's already too much competition in that slot. Furthermore, I wish it was a Heavy 2 or something.

I really hope this isn't presaging the new Eldar codex.

/minor rant off.

Oh, and last day of school today! Man I love being a teacher.


  1. I like the rules for the spinner. Thanks to barrage you don't have to worry about los and with a large blast you are bound to hit something (unless you have bad dice).

    Also rending is a nice bonus along with any unit hit counts as in difficult + dangerous terrain. This could slow up an army no end.

    Hope that when you play test it, it preforms well for you.

  2. night spinner has a 15% chance to immobilise a Land Raider.

  3. Honestly, I don't understand all the hate the spinner gets.

    You get a reliable pinning weapon compared to the EML, you can fire on targets you don't see. You ignore most of the cover saves vehicles can get from either terrain or building chimera/rhino-walls. And it also inflict its special rule on vehicles. Why? because it says "next time the unit moves" w.o making any restrictions like JotWW or tempest does. Just think about those speed cult ork players, who spam buggies, IG guys running vendetta squadrons or LS squadrons in a MEQ army.

    For me I won't field prism tanks again, until GW fixes the eldar dex. My flavor of the month is reserve denial eldar with yriel and 20-30 dragons. I never had much success with the small template or the combined shot, esp. with a reserve approach list. S6 also means that I don't need doom in my list. To be honest I don't run a seer in a reserve list anymore. Without a council a need no fortune, guide is overpriced if you only run a single falcon and I don't pay ~100 points only for the RoW.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Don't get me wrong, it's stellar anti-infantry but Eldar already have tons of anti-infantry. The problem is taking out vehicles, and since it's Heavy Support it's competing for our other vehicle killers.

    @mathhammer: I'd rather not fire it at a Land Raider. A one-in-six chance to immobilize it is not very good, especially because the initial shot has a very poor chance of doing anything. If you fire it at vehicles every turn for six turns, one vehicle will immobilize itself. I'd rather have a Falcon or a Prism.

  5. I still disagree with the points that we need AT from the HS slot & that we have no problem against infantry.

    I would neither call the falcon nor the prism tank a reliable tank hunter. Prism tank is jack of all trades units, unless we talk about a combined shot of two prism tanks, which is a overpriced option and too easy to shut down. Falcon only works against light&medium tanks and that is a job you could also do with SL/SC serpents.

    That at least is my opinion...

    Now let's look at the anti-horde aspect. I skip the flamer council, since it is too easy to shut down against MEQ armies. So basically we have lots of S6 shots, but most of them don't deny cover saves at all. Now imagine a mission with 6 objectives sitting inside of terrain right in the middle of the battlefield, on a table with at least 25% of terrain (including LOS blockers, ruins with 2-3 floors) and your opponent runs a green tide or hybrid force. Try killing 60-90 orks with a mek behind a walls of kans with S6 guns or the prisms pie plate. Shutting ork movement down really helps a lot. You also wouldn't move around this table freely with a skimmer list against a well build daemons army. Sure, you could solve those match-ups with a jetlock council + triple flamer guardians, but if you run against SW with multiple priests or don't get turn one against a decent build IG army, you can kiss your council goodbye.

    At least that's how my surrounding looks like. I played dual prism on 4 major tournament and the last one didn't saw me facing a single raider. And with the organizers providing more and more tables with decently (sometimes even too much) spread terrain, you will see those static armies moving.

    @raider: don't target him...just clip him with the spinner, place the "monoweb" token and watch him rolling a dice next time he tries to move it. And unless you get turn one, any decent MEQ army (esp. SW) will suppress the combi-shot from two prism tanks, because they beat you in the fire suppression game anyway.

  6. Well, I'm going to give it a shot, Karnstein. I'll keep your tactics in mind, I guess you're right that it only has to clip the raider to have the effect.

    It would be nice if it had a transport option so I could use it to score.

    I just don't see it performing well against a mech IG build, which is currently my toughest opponent.


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