Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mawloc Shenanigans!

Tuesday we played a 1v1v1 game as we only had three players show up and wanted to try something different. There's rules guidelines in the back of the BRB, so we used those. It was...interesting to say the least. I regret not taking a picture of this, but one opponent's Plague Marines charged a 30-man Imperial blob squad. The resulting combat was tied, but there was a huge clump of 30+ models left...and while it was not the most strategic choice (there were other pressing matters like a World Eaters squad attacking my objective) I simply couldn't resist. I dropped the Mawloc straight on and got a hit. I hit 27 models. I rolled a lot of ones and only killed 18 guys total, but it was an epic moment.


  1. There's no way anyone should even think about *not* doing that...

  2. Yep I would have done it too, and 18 models is pretty darned good if you think about it that only leaves 12 and of those how many had to run from the fight.


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