Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do You Buy Codices For Armies You Don't Have?

I don't, but I am considering doing it now after reading the SW FAQ. As I was reading it I didn't know what half of the stuff was talking about. It would be very easy for a Space Wolf player to pull a fast one on me. Though I trust most of the people I game with, should that player make a mistake I could be able to correct it. It's better to know your enemy, after all.

The only problem with that is I may be sorely tempted to start said army, thus stretching my already thin gaming budget.


  1. Always. One of the first tenets of warfare: Know thy enemy. I've bought and read every codex ever published. You don't have to have them memorized or know every possible combination, but familiarity with how they run is good to have.

  2. You'd be surprised how many 'mistakes' you come across when you know the other guys codex. You must have noticed when playing against the same army as yours.

    I always get a copy of the other codexes, normally from the library first and then buy them later on ebay.

  3. I generally do not buy codices of armies I'm not building. I don't play very much, so there's no real need for me to know the rules for other armies. Perhaps if I played more often I would pick up the books for common enemies.

  4. All too often I buy the codex--for the same reason stated above; however, I think I may stop. For the most part, gamers in my group will allow me to read through their codexes if I ask--and the blogosphere does a good job of giving general impressions (and even specific rules interpretations) of a codex.

    I just hate looking back and seeing several hundred (if not thousands) of dollars spent on codexes for armies I've never played....

  5. Like Dverning, always. I like to know what the enemy has at their disposal, and the more recent ones have also been interesting enough in terms of reading material and fluff.

    They're not THAT pricy, all things considered.

  6. I buy the books that seem worthwhile to read even if I don't play the army---fluff, interesting units, etc---and which I am likely to come across in local gaming. Same as in the original post, it's highly likely I'll pick up the Wolves book for that reason. The new books have been pretty solid fluff-wise, it looks interesting, and it has a ton of crazy rules I'm sure to encounter in a more serious game, e.g., local tournaments.

    I also like writing custom scenarios & mini-campaigns. It helps a lot to have the books on hand for that, e.g., double checking on what are realistic armor value, wound, or point limits, etc.

    Plus, I figure if I spend a couple hours reading the book, and a good number hours more studying it throughout the course of its lifetime (quite likely even if I never play the army), then at $19--25 depending on discount, the cost/value is fairly reasonable on them.

    Now if they'd just put a little more effort into controlling the typos and poor word choices, that value would be even higher...

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. I agree, the new codices have been at least fun reads for the fluff. I'll probably pick up the Blood Angels book when it comes out. I'm familiar enough with Marines and Dark Angels that I don't need to buy those books, as I play against those guys all the time. I also play against IG enough that I should probably pick up the book as well.

  8. I buy them all for all the same reasons Dverning stated, but I also enjoy reading them and looking at the hobby sections.


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