Monday, July 20, 2009

For Those of You Who Play the Old Metal Imperial Guard Armies...

I just got back from vacation with the family, and while I was there I decided to hit up the old store where I first bought Warhammer stuff. For a lengthy list of reasons they haven't been successful in the Warhams business so they have a lot of really, really old models at the really, really old prices (including some second edition codexes) that they've never been able to get rid of. Last time I was there I didn't have time to comb through everything, I only managed to find Jain Zair for about $11, cheaper than the online discount Warhammer places. This time I actually was able to go through everything and I found a Biovore for $15. That's half off! This isn't some shoddy painted/assembled/primed Ebay schlock but new in the box. Granted, it's not the most useful unit but the price was right and who knows, maybe they will be useful again.

Anyway, for you metal Imperial Guard players, they have tons of old Imperial Guard stuff. I saw loads of Valhallans and Tallarn, a lot of metal Catachans and Vostroyans and a little bit of Mordians. I even saw a blister of Praetorians. I almost considered buying the Praetorians and selling them on Feebay but I really didn't feel like going through the hassle again as I've been doing that a lot lately, as well as the profit really isn't worth it. I figured I'd spread the word to the general community and hope that someone can get out there and find some stuff they need without having to buy someone's used models with a half-inch thick layer of paint.

Players of other armies may be able to find some classic OOP models. For example, they have the metal War Walkers for $20. I'm not in love with the metal model enough to buy it, but I may consider it as I could make a matching squad.

The store is called "Games People Play" and they are located in the University Mall in Orem, Utah. If anyone who plays those armies is in the area, be sure to stop by there. They keep the Warhammer stuff in the back half of the store, if it's blocked off (for bizarre reasons, I could really rant about this store) just ask the cashier and they might let you back there. Also if you play WFB, they have a lot of really old stuff too but I don't know too much about WFB so I didn't look through it. But they do have at least three times as much WFB stuff as they do 40k. Let me know if anyone ends up going and finding something useful.


  1. Cool, your live in the Provo area, I live in the Logan area. I have a really good friend who used to play there alot. Blake Pearson? Sound familiar? Anyway thanks for the info, I may have to make a trip there.

  2. I used to live in the Provo area, but 'fraid I don't know him. When I did play there I played at Dragon's Keep and even then just a few games as my Warhammer renaissance happened mostly when I moved away. If you are down in the area it is definitely worth a look. You may find stuff for cheap, or get some really old classic models.

  3. I clicked on a "related link" and came here. We used to have a store called Games People Play in the University Center here as well, so I thought maybe you were local for a quick second. But Utah is a far cry from Alaska...


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