Monday, April 26, 2010

Painted Tervigon

This has been painted for a month or so now but it's taken me this long to get it photographed. Mostly laziness. Here it is!


  1. That is an excellent looking mini. It really evokes the "Nuke 'em all from orbit" feeling.

  2. That's stunning, it looks just like the drawing in the codex! i've been thinking about how i would go about making a tervigon. Very inspiring.

  3. if im seeing this right, it looks like warrior legs and tail, with carnifex head, carapace, claws and green stuff/conversion work? the great thing about this setup is that you could make several tervigons out of one carnifex box!

    anyway, its very impressive!

  4. Turbo, it's actually Carnifex legs and tail. They do look smaller though because I greatly enlarged the body. Don't forget the Zoanthrope bits! Unfortunately, I can only make one per box because I had to use the body.

    By the way, the Termagants are magnetic and serve as wound counters.

  5. Very nice. This is one of the best ones I've seen.

  6. Sorry for the delayed response. I'm just catching up on some belated posts, and stumbled upon this. I know a little tardy, but this is--hands down--the best tervigon I've ever seen.

    Just spectacular...

  7. Hi,

    Awesome Tervigon! Out of all the Tervigon models I've seen, this has to be one of my favourites! (I especially love the small swarm of gants on the base, excellent!)

    I am currently making a blog called '40,000 Pirates', which is dedicated to distributing printable Warhammer 40k figures for those that cannot afford the real thing (they also work well as proxies for those who want to test new armies/strategies at minimum cost).

    I am writing to ask your permission to use the pictures in this blog post to make printable Tyranid figures to include in my blog.

    You can contact me at

  8. Thats great, are the guys on the base removable wound markers ? wicked !!


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