Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poll: Which Aspect Warrior Would You Be?

If you were an Eldar, and felt the path of the Warrior calling you, which aspect would you choose first? Don't think gameplay stats and rules, simply consider the fluff. Here's my thoughts.

Fire Dragons: Burninating the countryside! These guys also get to blow up big things. If you love explosions and fire these are your guys. Of course they have the shortest lifespan of all Aspect warriors it seems.

Striking Scorpions: Stealth and brutal close combat. You also get to shoot dakka out of your face. I would lean towards this one.

Howling Banshees: If you're a dude (there are male Banshees, they're just rare), you get to hang out with all the hot chicks. Of course, everyone will wonder about you...

Dire Avengers: The standard soldier. You are basically a glorified guardian. Also, you'll frequently find yourself stuffed in the back of a Falcon just to make it scoring. Boring.

Shining Spears: You get to ride on a Jetbike and skewer your opponents. Sounds fun! I ride motorcycles so I definitely favor this aspect as well.

Warp Spiders: Jumping in and out of combat, masters of surprise. It would be a fun aspect but I'm not so keen on risking my immortal soul with each jump.

Swooping Hawks: It's everyone's dream to fly. That dream can come true with the path of the Hawk. I also lean towards this aspect.

Dark Reapers: These guys sit back, looking awesome, and rain death from afar. I like this aspect as well.

So which would I choose? Ignoring gameplay aspects I think I'd go with the Swooping Hawks. My second choice would be Dark Reapers followed by Striking Scorpions. I like the idea of flying around, dodging the enemy in an aerial dance while keeping them at range. I like the idea of taking out your enemy while he can't do anything in return. Plus, you get to fly. How cool is that?

My second choice is the Dark Reaper. It's like being a sniper with a rocket launcher and good armor.

My third choice is the Striking Scorpion. They're basically ninjas that shoot dakka out of their faces.

So what would you pick and why? Vote in the right hand column!


  1. Swooping hawks for me too! Don't forget about the cool grenades they get :)

  2. It's always been Striking Scorpions for me. Power-armored ninjas? OK.

  3. Spiders, or Hawk.

    Quite possibly Hawk, actually.

    Banshee third choice.


  4. Well, Eldar don't really do it for me, but I would have to go with the Dark Reapers. Maugan Ra looks like such a cheerful fellow ;-)

  5. Swooping hawks appeal to me but I think flying would be too disorienting, so I'm going with Shining Spears. Riding a jet bike seems like it would be fun, especially if you're a knight with lasers. Second choice would be Dark Reapers for the reasons you said.

  6. Warp Spiders all the way.


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