Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ebay Auctions Up

I put two Epic 40k auctions up on Ebay on Sunday. I have put up both a Space Marine and Ork army.

I found both of these in my Warhammer box when my wife made me go through it so we could save space. It helped a lot actually, as I found these things to sell and I was able to assess what I have.

On an unrelated note, I found my old bitz box. It's got parts from the original storm guardians sprue, with a guardian powerfist, chainsword and powersword as well as some other goodies. For some reason it has a ton of Chaos bits even though I've never played Chaos.

Shining Spears Completed

Here's my latest project. Coming back from vacation I finally put the finishing touches on these guys.

I went with a different color scheme than the standard GW one. The codex says that aspect warrior colors and stylings vary among different craftworlds. I thought the GW one was too similar to the Dire Avengers. I went with a dark purple since no other aspect uses it.

My craftworld's main color scheme is black and green, black being the predominant color. To unify the aspect warriors with the rest of my army, I decided that every aspect will have black on their armor. For the individual models, they have black gauntlets, greaves, and helmet while the breastplate, pauldrons. and cuisses are the aspect color scheme. The exarchs have inverted color, with a black center and aspect colors on the feet, arms, and head. Furthermore, I inverted the jetbike's colors.

I'm not sure what to work on now. I need to finish up my windrider host, maybe I'll finally get around to that.

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