Friday, April 16, 2010

I Won With Footdar?

I tried my Footdar list again for two reasons, firstly because my last results were flawed, and secondly because I never bothered to unpack them and I had to rush down to the game store with no time to make and pack another list. I really, really, really need to buy a proper transport.

This week I played against Orks. And I won. He had a bunch of trukks, some Deffkoptas, some Nob bikerz, a battlewagon, some lootas and a foot mob of Boyz. The mission was Kill Points. Had it been objectives I would have lost, as I never left my deployment zone.

Note that I'm not planning on playing this list again, unless I fail to unpack it another time. It is boring and slow. I'd like to see it against the new Blood Angels and another IG matchup but I'm afraid that won't happen.

My plan was simple, he had deployed in a corner with most of his trukks and battlewagon, so directly opposite them I placed a unit of Rangers as bait, to slow down the big group while I could try and pick apart the other units. The rest of my force I deployed opposite his so that I would have time to deal with the units nearest me.

My trick worked. The Rangers and the other Dire Avenger squad served excellently as bait and drew off three Trukks, the Battlewagon, and the Nob Bikerz. My opponent made some key mistakes, like falling for my bait (one Trukk would have been more than sufficient) and also getting too close with his Deffkoptas. He should have stayed at range taking pot shots, forcing me to come to him since I didn't have the range to deal with them. Finally, around turns 4 and 5 his army arrived at my core piecemeal so I was able to bring them down under doom/guided Guardian fire.

So in the short time of the Footdar experiment, what can we learn?


  1. So in the short time of the Footdar experiment, what can we learn?

    That you can win with them... if you're playing certain scenarios, don't make mistakes, your opponent makes mistakes, and the dice are in your favor.
    That they're fairly static compared to a more dynamic army.
    That other armies do the T3 horde MUCH better.
    That 2 rounds of anecdotal evidence are not sufficient for true statistical value, but more than enough for a player to get bored with the army.

    That about cover it?

  2. Oh, forgot one:
    That it is awesome to represent Eldrad with a Spore Mine. :-p


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