Monday, April 12, 2010

How Many Models Fit Under a Blast Marker?

I was curious, how many under ideal circumstances could fit? I decided to test it out. I placed the models on top of the templates rather than under, because of that pesky thing called perspective, wherein closer objects appear to be larger. Beware the guy who holds the blast markers high above your models!

To begin I started with the small blast marker. As you can see below I got 13 25mm bases to fit.
Next up was the large blast marker. I got 31 25mm bases to fit on this one.

Now, the flame template. I got 20 to fit. Notice the inch of space at the beginning, that's assuming the firing model is remaining 1" away from the enemy models. If it were a Hellhound type projected template you could probably squeeze a few more in.
Now, let's try the 40mm bases. I got 7 to fit on the small blast marker.
And I got 13 to fit on the large blast marker. It is possible that you could argue that 6 more would fit but it would be touching by an exceedingly narrow margin.
Finally, 11 fit on the flame template.
One more thing to note about the markers/template- be sure to look as straight down as possible! An angle may mean you're hitting or missing models you shouldn't simply because of the viewing angle. Also, don't bunch up your guys! A few months ago, one of my Mawlocs got to go "OH YEAH!!!" on about twenty-something guys because they were all bunched up in close combat.


  1. I hit 10 under a small blast at adepticon....and that was my opponents call.....I would have said 20 but i was drinking so id give a +-10 on that shit.

  2. I really like this post. Good stuff. :D

  3. How about mixed model units? Hive Tyrant with Guard, Wolf Guard, Calgar with buddies?
    Just kidding! Great post - this type of thing in useful for the newbs.


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