Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Rumors!

As far as I know, I’m the first one on this story. My source at GW gave me a few moist, juicy tidbits cooked to perfection au jus. Here they are- and no, I will not reimburse you for drooling all over your keyboards.

Necrons: Are getting a total look/fluff redesign. Their legs will be replaced with a cylindrical base, covered in spheres. Fluff wise, instead of attacking in silence will shout, “Eradicate!” From what I heard they won’t be able to go to upper levels of ruins, but instead have the ability to destroy terrain in order to come to grips with the occupants. Later, they may be given the ability to go upstairs but this was not confirmed.

Plastic Thunderhawk: Has made a secret cameo appearance in every White Dwarf for the past year. Go back and look for it. It’s another classic case of GW hiding stuff in plain sight.

Dark Eldar: Will get updated. We promise. Totally.

Daemon Hunters/Witch Hunters: These armies will only be updated when enough players read Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, specifically the Parable of the Grand Inquisitor, and write a 20 page paper on why they should be updated in relation to the parable. Otherwise they’ll make up some fluff about how the whole Inquisition and Sisters of Battle went off to look for the Squats. Get to it!

Dark Angels: Will have any remaining fluff and choices nerfed out of them. Tactical squad special weapons? Gone. Types of Land Raider? Only one now. The codex comes with a pre-set list for every points value. Any players found playing another codex with their Dark Angels army will have their models confiscated.


  1. Wow, will IG get a new "Tardis" transport that can, like, teleport through time and go back to turn 1 too?

  2. Sytus, we need some rules for that. I don't know if IG would get it though because the Doctor is technically Xenos.


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