Saturday, May 30, 2009

Painting Deathwing, Part 1

Painting Deathwing, Part 2
Painting Deathwing, Part 3
The Completed Deathwing

While painting a friend's Deathwing, I was searching online for the best way to do it. I wasn't satisfied with any of the ways presented and finally struck out on my own. Here's how I paint the Deathwing.

Step 1: Basecoat the model. I use about a 50/50 mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White as I don't think regular Bleached Bone looks as nice. Here you can see how I used the airbrush to get the entire army basecoated in less than an hour.

Step 2: Using Gryphonne Sepia, I airbrushed the wash right onto the model. I had heard about this technique with the Citadel Airbrush came out and I wanted to try it out. This picture is obviously not a terminator, but as I forgot to get a picture of this step it will have to do. Either way, the colors are the same as I'm doing a similar process for my Banshees.

I chose to airbrush the washes as opposed to brushing for speed. Also, I like the way the wash applies when airbrushed.

Step 3: Now, drybrush the bleached bone mixture over the washed figure. I use a large brush for this step and it goes quickly.

Now you're ready for the detail! The next part will discuss where to go from here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Editorial: Thoughts on the Price Increase

le sigh

While I much love Games Workshop's product, one of the downsides of the hobby is frequent price increases. As has been heavily reported, in June the prices are getting raised again. All metal models just had their prices raised in September, and some of those are getting raised even further.

What I don't get about it is some of the random increases. For example, the Biovore got raised up to almost $30. Of all the models, the Biovore? Don't get me wrong, I think the concept behind the Biovore is great. Even if you miss, you still get something. But at that price, I'll be looking towards Ebay when I get around to adding them to my army.

Also, very few Tyranid models were included in the increase. I take this as a hopeful sign that the new Tyranid codex is coming (relatively) soon. Of course, the requisite price increase for Nids will come then. While part of me wants to stock up on them now, I'm also worried that the Codex style will change, making part of my army obsolete. Everything I have is magnetic, so I'm ok if the new weapon du jour changes, but models aren't as forgiving if their performance or style drastically shifts.

Finally, as long as Games Workshop continues to put out a product with engaging fluff, fantastic miniatures and fun rules I will continue to buy from them. My purchasing will simply slow down. Of course, I need to paint my backlog before I start getting more stuff again. So honestly, while price rises suck, they are encouraging me to slow down my purchases so I can actually get my backlog up to speed. I mean, I finally painted my Fire Prism last year which I bought when I was 18. I'm 28 now. My poor Wraithguard still haven't been painted after all these years. But enough bloviating, time to get to painting!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clay Craters

I made some craters out of clay. They took about 5-10 minutes each. The only problem I had was they tend to warp while drying, so I had to sand them down a bit on the bottom. They still wobble a bit so I'm going to patch greenstuff over them to fix that, and to add some asymmetry to them. The double crater developed a crack so I have to patch that up too. After I'm done fixing them, I'm going to paint them to match my table.

I also finished up the bases for my ruined temple heads (like Easter Island heads), but I have to do some battle damage effects before I can glue those on.

(Note that this is not Sculpey or a similar air-dry clay, this is a stoneware clay body, the same stuff used to make pottery.)

Here is how I made them: I took my clay and rolled it out into a slab about 1" thick. I then pressed a curved plaster mold into the clay. With the mold in place I used my thumb to push down the outside into the outward slope. To make them uneven I used my fingers to stretch them out a bit. Finally, I used a loop tool to scrape down the sides to give it texture. After they dried, I sanded the bottoms and fired them. I assume you can make these using air dry clay, they'll just be a little more fragile.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Editorial: No Comment

40k Rumors: Plastic Thunderhawk Confirmed

Wow the news has been coming in fast on this one! Sources say that it will include over 80 different plastic doors, covering all the chapters that anyone has ever heard of! It will also include parts to make either the transport or gunship variants (including two Rhinos and a Landraider). From what we've heard it will be priced at $97.85 USD and is expected this summer as part of the eighth wave of Space Marines.

It's finally here! We've been waiting so long for this and to see it become reality puts a tear in my eye.

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Warhamman 5 minutes ago
Still no word on Dark Eldar?

Flayedguy 5 minutes ago
Nothing about Necrons?

Anonymous 4 minutes ago
First post!

Digimonfan 4 minutes ago

Slippy 4 minutes ago
The Vulkan sculpt sucks.

Mr.Exciteable 4 minutes ago

Chuckles 4 minutes ago
I find that when I paint the hair, I prefer to do natural highlighting and layering, using a bit of Vidal Sassoon mixed into my paint.

Anon E Mouse 4 minutes ago
Overpriced. I could make one for a fifth of the cost out of stuff I steal from work. Anyone that pays this much is an idiot. If you can't make your own models you have no place in this hobby.

Hairyback 3 minutes ago
Well that does it. Another terrible decision by Games Workshop. A plastic Thunderhawk before a plastic Farseer? I'm switching to Warmachine.

Grumblecakes 3 minutes ago
Wow, amazing! While you're at it, check out my latest Ebay auction! This is not a shameless plug!

joe 3 minutes ago
I quit a long time ago and this is only forcing me to stay quitted for even longerer. More Space Marines? An overpriced Thunderhawk? As a reminder to you all, I have quit the game and have no idea why I bother posting comments for a game that I am have to be quitted from for many long times.

Byl'O Ry'leh 3 minutes ago
Plastic Manta plastic manta plastic manta plz?

Master Chef 2 minutes ago
hey i was wandering i lookd in teh spayce mahreens book an i cant find thunderhawlk? sum1 halp 2 find it? how much pionts?

Observant 2 minutes ago
That picture is of the Forgeworld one. I counted the bombs and they are the same as the Forgeworld one.

Sharpeyes 2 minutes ago
No it isn't. It's the plastic one. I counted the pilots and they are different than the Forgeworld one.

Observant 2 minutes ago
Well, I counted the wings and they are the same, therefore this is the Forgeworld one.

Sharpeyes 2 minutes ago
I just counted the rivets- this is definitely the plastic one.

Erudite 2 minutes ago
You're just now reporting this? Over at my shady website, we've known of this for far longer than you. In fact I'm putting together my kit right now. Anyone know how the wings are supposed to fit in?

Roswell 2 minutes ago
*yawn* Call me when you have some real news. This one is a fake. Games Workshop has never released a plastic model from a Forgeworld kit, and there is no spoon, or moon landing.

Cheech 1 minute ago
I spent one second clicking on this link, skimmed it for twenty seconds all for this? What a waste of my time. The quality of reporting on this website has really gone downhill. I am leaving this blog and never coming back until tomorrow.

Bring Back the Sqauts 1 minute ago
Great, just what we needed. All the tournements that I don't go to but have only read about now will have nothing but T-hawk builds. This website used to be so great, now they're just endorsing pure cheddar. This isn't just cheddar, this is gouda. No wait, this is gorgonzola. Actually, I say this is Casu Marzu.

Jack 1 minute ago
I still don't own a 5th edition rulebook but I think I read something somewhere about something I heard on the intramawebs about not being able to take these in a regular game? Why are they even making this then?

Naval Orange 1 minute ago
First post!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post-Apocalypse Thoughts

Yesterday's game was a lot of fun. While I wait for my friend to give me the pictures, here's a recap and thoughts on how various units and strategies performed.

First off, my Cobra: It did exactly how I thought it would. Devastated a lot of things on the first turn, and spent the rest of the game with weapon shaken results. On the first turn it took two structure points off a Hellhammer, took a structure point off a Warhound Titan and exploded a nearby bunker, exposing the troops within. For the rest of the game my opponents concentrated their firepower on it, but a combination of holo-fields and cover saves (from a nearby Tower of Tzeentch) kept it from losing any structure points, though it did take a lot of driver stunned/weapon shaken results.

The Revenant Titan: On the first turn destroyed a Vindicator squadron that was threatening a nearby bunker. It is a devastating formation and I decided that it should go away quickly. It took some shots, but the holo-fields really saved the day. I did lose one structure point and had a couple of weapon shaken results.

Shining Spears: They attacked some terminators, but even after two rounds of charges (hit and run) couldn't kill all 5. They just don't have enough attacks, and their extra toughness and armor save just aren't enough to stop powerfists. They are pure Marine killers (who have to be in the open as Spears don't have grenades).

Windrider Host: Due to a Disruptor Beacon, they were quite scattered but took a backline objective. I wasn't going to take the formation because it is really expensive for not getting too much, but as objective claimers they're excellent.

Fire Dragons: In one round of shooting, they took out a Baneblade without even needing to charge in with Meltabombs (3 died in the explosion). They survived a lot longer than I thought, even with a marine squad double tapping and a squad of terminators pumping them full of depleted uranium. They all died eventually, but wiped out more than their points cost. Their Wave Serpent lost its weapons, but survived the game and took an objective.

Howling Banshees: Led by Jain Zar, once they moved the distance to charge a squad of marines (the same squad that nearly wiped out the Fire Dragons) my opponent simply removed the marines without bothering to roll. How's that for reputation?

Genestealers: Did well, Feeder Tendrils on a Broodlord gets the whole unit twice as deadly. If Flesh Hooks and Acid Maw could be taken on the same unit, you would have a unit who could reroll to hit and to wound. With rending, that becomes extra deadly. Unfortunately to do that you have to lose Flesh Hooks, which is very much required.

Malanthrope: For some reason was a big target. It's tough for a husky floater like him to get a cover save, and he took a lot of shots. His supporting Carnifex did well, the extra wound was very helpful. The other fex got taken down by a powerfist rather quickly.

A couple of words on the strategic asset Disruptor Beacon: This changed the game entirely. My ally had the Chaos Conclave which makes all members of the Conclave have a Disruptor Beacon, and my opponents took one and placed it in the center of the board. Since no objectives were in the corners, both sides were throwing reserves into the forested corners. They rapidly became hotspots of combat, but all of it was meaningless as no one could reach any objectives.

Memorable points in the game: The Hellhammer's apocalyptic explosion which immobilized a nearby Warhound Titan, the Dragons cooking a Baneblade, and the surprising appearance of 5 scratch-built Lightning Fighters. When those appeared they used the Precision Strike asset, firing all their missles and weapons at the Cobra. That's 20 missiles, 10 twin-linked autocannons, and 5 lascannons for those of you keeping score at home. Furthermore, a couple of devastator squads joined in the fun of getting a 2+ to hit on my Cobra. Because part of the time it was shielded by a Silver Tower of Tzeentch (which blew up after just a couple shots) the Cobra survived the entire thing unharmed. Granted, it couldn't move or shoot, but no structure points were gone and no weapon destroyed. On the next turn because it got neither a holo-field save nor a cover save it lost the D-cannon. I tried to repair it the next turn but failed. Finally, the last memorable moment was when my Banshees had to take 9 cover saves against a Vulcan Mega-Bolter. I passed all 9. I will admit it, the dice were with me this game. I rolled lots of chain reactions and made lots of saves.

Pictures coming soon!

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