Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Most Fun You've Had In A Game

What's the most fun you've had in a Warhammer game?

Most of my games have been fun, but there's those moments that really stand out, that create memories. For me, I can think of three games that really stand out in my mind. The first, I wasn't even playing but was a spectator. It was back when I was in high school. My brother was playing Tyranids, and my friend Orks. They were playing the old Meatgrinder mission, with Orks defending.

For those of you that don't remember, Meatgrinder basically gave the attacking team unlimited respawns. For the defender to win, they simply had to have one model alive at the end of the game. During the course of the game, my brother wiped out the entire Ork army, except for Makari, Ghazghul's (too lazy to look up the spelling) standard bearer. Makari had a 2+ invulnerable save. It was the last turn of the game, and Makari was surrounded in close combat by Gargoyles. He had been passing huge numbers of saves in past turns, and only had one left. I remember we were all gathered around, waiting for this last dice roll. In the end, Makari died on the last possible dice roll of the game. Even though I wasn't playing it was lots of fun to watch.

The second was a few years ago, in 4th edition. I took a D-Cannon just for the fun of it. I had deployed in quarters and had the first turn. My friend's Landraider was in range of my D-Cannon, so I figured I'd take a shot. I penetrated and exploded it, and the explosion killed a bunch of Marines and several Terminators. The rest of the game went downhill for him, but that opening shot stands out in my mind.

The third was more recently. A new player came to the game store, and to incorporate him we held a three-way game (in the back of the rulebook they present such a scenario). I had taken my newly painted Barbed Hierodule just for the fun of it. The game was a blast! The Hierodule struck fear into the hearts of my opponents, and caused tons of destruction. In the end he was taken out by TH/SS Terminators, and I ended up losing the game. Despite my loss, I ended the game with a big smile on my face. That game was much more fun than many of the past wins I'd had.

So what's the most fun you've had?

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Week's Worth of Painting

Ron of From The Warp had a post a bit ago about his accomplishments in one week with his family away. I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off, so I thought I'd see how far I could get in this time. Unfortunately one day of my painting will be spent painting our bedroom (no escaping that one, the missus demands it) but I should get a bunch done.

I don't have a huge variety of projects on the table, simply one big one: the Ravenwing. I currently have 5 half-finished bikes and then about 17 more. I then have ten landspeeders. All the bikes are repaired (as best I could, several were put together with way too much glue), primed and ready to go but the speeders are another story. Most of them are heavily damaged.

My goal is to have all the bikes done. They seem to paint pretty fast. However, my family is around so I will have lots of distractions. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trygon Information and Other Rumors

I know I said I wasn't going to traffic in rumors anymore, but I got some delicious tidbits from Brimstone, an Interwebs Warhammer Celebrity. His word is generally correct, so that's why I'm sharing it and not the whole new crop of rumors that's sprouted up.

Basically, the Trygon will have several head options and several tail options. One of the head options is a distended jaws, for swallowing. He said it would be called a "Mawloch" though the spelling on that is unsure (it also has not been seen yet in any Trygon photos). He mentioned a tail option as like a rattlesnake. It supposedly looks awesome.

There were some gameplay rumors for it, but they were not from Brimstone, so take everything here with a bit of NaCl. It will not function like the Apocalypse Trygon, so it can't deepstrike into close combat. It supposedly will have its own mishap table. Raveners can enter from behind it, and assault the turn they arrive. Both Trygons and Raveners will be able to burrow and re-appear via deepstrike.

Non-Trygon stuff from Brimstone: Gargoyles are indeed plastic and will come 10 to a sprue. They will use flying bases, but because they are plastic are much more stable.

Raveners are plastic as well, and come three to a sprue, and supposedly six to a box.

That takes care of our three new plastic kits. The three metal ones are a Venomthrope, Hive Guard and a Pyrovore as we have price listings for them.

Well, we are less than two months away and the only pictures we have are a Venomthrope and the cover. The new battleforce ships in 14 days supposedly, and we have no idea what's in it. Let's hope some of those new models are in it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cypher, the Fallen Angel

Here's what I painted for a friend. It wasn't terribly hard to paint.
I was going to paint a red spiral on the back of his cloak, because in the Descent of Angels novel (painfully unenjoyable) they're constantly talking about the spiral, and part of Cypher's duty was to walk initiates through the spiral. Furthermore, his sightings are taking a spiral course centering on Terra. I tried it and it looked terrible, so I just went with the red border.
I also used Devlan Mud on the cloak, normally I use Gryphonne Sepia. I wanted him to look dirtier and worn down.

Now to find some proper rules for him. I saw some on a website a while back, I should have my friend playtest them. I didn't like everything about those rules, but until they make something official we can tweak them for my group.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking At Starting Fantasy Again

So during today's game, we talked about starting Warhammer Fantasy. A couple of the guys in our group have armies, but they haven't played in a while. I played ages ago, during the days of Herohammer and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I hear most of those problems have been fixed, and I'm considering starting again. I used to play Wood Elves and Lizardmen, and I think I'm going to go back to the Lizardmen (I traded away my old models).

Rumor has it that there's going to be a new Fantasy edition come summertime. If I start up now, will the Lizardman book be invalidated by the new edition, or is it going to be like 40k where some things are outdated but most of it still works?

Also, what would be a good starting point for Lizardmen, besides the army book?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tyranid Battleforce on Advance Order?

So I'm already breaking my promise (though this technically isn't a rumor, so I'm not really breaking anything), but I was looking at the Warstore today, and on their advanced orders page they have the Tyranid Battleforce listed at $105 MSRP with a release date of December 5th. I checked the GW site, and it is not listed there yet, so I have no idea on the contents yet.

This is a bit confusing, because isn't the codex supposed to be out in January? I thought that the battleforce would release around the same time. If this is the case, will new models be released in the battleforce? History suggests that they will, GW loves to show of their shiny new things in the updated battleforce.

Edit: Miniwargaming has it listed as well, with the same release date. I wonder if GW is getting in on the Christmas rush?

Most likely, this means that no new creatures will be found in the battleforce (I doubt they'd release a model without rules), but I'd guarantee that new plastic versions of metal models will be in the box. Methinks plastic Raveners?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gargoyles Get Rending?

So the latest round of rumors suggest that Gargoyles get rending, and they're going to be 6 points. Does this seem odd to anyone? Giving them rending is just weird. It's like Swooping Hawks having Haywire grenades, but even weirder than that. First off, Gargoyles are basically flying Termagants, with Bio-Plasma. How they are going to re-work bio-plasma in this new codex is beyond me, but I really hope it's not a CC upgrade like it is now.

Perhaps he meant to say scything talons? Are all Tyranids running around with Rending now? If they have rending, then what is the role of Genestealers? I guess the stealers will be more durable and have a better WS/I, but then there's the factor of points cost.

While I used to just love hearing the latest rumors, now I'm starting to get frustrated with them. Some of them contradict each other, others are just ridiculous, and some are just plain wishlisting. I used to follow several rumors threads on various fora, but I have sworn them off. I'm just going to wait for the inevitable leak, and the in-store copies to hit before I post anything else about rumors.

Currently on the repair table: 10 Ravenwing Landspeeders. Guys, do me two favors. First off, don't buy broken down models off ebay. Secondly, invest in proper carrying cases.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Master of the Ravenwing Landspeeder, WIP

Edit from the future: See the finished product here.

This is my latest project. I'm painting up the Ravenwing as a commission, and I figured I'd start with the Master's Landspeeder. I want it to be ornate, but not ridiculously so.

This is the first time I've used greenstuff for anything other than filling in gaps. I should have made the corner of the robe square, I'm going to see if I can cut it right but I'm afraid to mess it up. There are a few more folds and wrinkles in the cloth than shown because of the lighting, but I could have probably done more.

I'm probably going to fix up the other things and then come back to it, I don't want to add too much more but I feel that the gunner's side in the middle area needs something else.

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