Monday, April 5, 2010

The Footdar Challenge

So a while back there was some posting on BolS about some foot Eldar list. The author claimed it as unbeatable. I disagree because first off, going on foot cancels out the Eldar's main strength and secondly, exposes their greatest weakness. Yet there were plenty who though this was a good idea. Well, instead of theoryhammering and explaining why, I am going to take a foot Eldar list to the LGS on Tuesday and give a full report on why it is a bad idea. And if I win...well, we shall see.


  1. i have used a wraithguard list at a small tourney @ my local GW (400 pts 1 wraith squad) wraithguard,DA, rangers and scorpins with wraithlords and should be an effective build

  2. @Fuzzbucket: Wraithwall (aka Wraithguard-core) is a totally different beast from Footdar. Wraithwall is tricky and situational, but viable. Footdar is a great way to get your head handed to you.

    @Faolain: Best of luck with that. The thing is, Footdar can be made to work. But I believe just about ANYTHING can be "made to work" in the hands of a good general.
    As I've discussed with Blackmoor and others... even if you win a major tournament with it, it still doesn't prove anything about the inherent strength/weakness/indifference of the style.
    What I always strive for is a list that can be given to a relative newbie, have the basic play explained in about 5 minutes or less, and have it give them a chance of doing well against an opponent of moderate skill.

    Eh. Do report how the experiment goes. I know what I'm expecting to see happen...

  3. I expect you to get RoflStomped. Good luck though! :)

    And, if you go undefeated, make sure to mention it at least 4 times in your post, just so we all catch that little tidbit. ;)

  4. I love to see this actually.

    Someone who steps up to the challenge. I expect it to lose, but all of my experience with Eldar is online, in forums and on blogs. It seems like a weak build, and I feel like I could crush it with some of the armies I play. But I can't say that for sure, because I've never played it.

    I cant wait for the batreps.

  5. Actually, you've sufficiently inspired me to write a FootDar list of my own! I'm going to take my usual approach and explain the evolution of the list throughout the writing process in an effort to demonstrate the weaknesses of the list - so I'll be sure to link you and thank you for the idea! :)


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