Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Parasite of Mortrex

I think that's how you spell it. Here's mine.

I tried to use a lot of negative space in this composition. The metal wings were a pain to work with and make the model very top heavy but aesthetics win in this case. The painting of the carapace is a lot sloppier than I would like but I was in a hurry. I used parts from a Ravener, a coat hanger, bits from a Genestealer, Winged Nightmare wings and a bit from the monstrous creature sprue.

As for the ovipositor I looked at the ichneumon wasp and other creatures that have similar reproductive habits to the Parasite. I wanted something powerful and slim. I know that he technically has rending claws but the scything talons were an aesthetic choice. I just didn't think it looked good with the rending claws.

Also, the Rippers are magnetic and are wound counters.


  1. That is great! Love the highlighting on the carapace- makes him look like he's going supersonic. And great conversion over all... though I'm pretty sure one stab from that thing would just kill the poor bugger rather than infest him :)

  2. Great looking parasite. I love the fluidity of the whole model. You are right, I like the talons better than the rending claws. The tail/stinger is great too. Good job.

  3. That's a great work. Really nice conversion. Love the sting!

  4. That's excellent, I'm loving the conversion, it's got one hell of a sting to it.

  5. Very elegant and lethal looking model.

    You may have been able to use Deathleaper's rending claws, instead of the scything talons, they look quite different.

    Awesome work ;-)

  6. I really like this look - the magnetized wound Rippers are a phenomenal touch, too! :D


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