Monday, November 23, 2009

A Week's Worth of Painting

Ron of From The Warp had a post a bit ago about his accomplishments in one week with his family away. I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off, so I thought I'd see how far I could get in this time. Unfortunately one day of my painting will be spent painting our bedroom (no escaping that one, the missus demands it) but I should get a bunch done.

I don't have a huge variety of projects on the table, simply one big one: the Ravenwing. I currently have 5 half-finished bikes and then about 17 more. I then have ten landspeeders. All the bikes are repaired (as best I could, several were put together with way too much glue), primed and ready to go but the speeders are another story. Most of them are heavily damaged.

My goal is to have all the bikes done. They seem to paint pretty fast. However, my family is around so I will have lots of distractions. Wish me luck!

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