Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Most Fun You've Had In A Game

What's the most fun you've had in a Warhammer game?

Most of my games have been fun, but there's those moments that really stand out, that create memories. For me, I can think of three games that really stand out in my mind. The first, I wasn't even playing but was a spectator. It was back when I was in high school. My brother was playing Tyranids, and my friend Orks. They were playing the old Meatgrinder mission, with Orks defending.

For those of you that don't remember, Meatgrinder basically gave the attacking team unlimited respawns. For the defender to win, they simply had to have one model alive at the end of the game. During the course of the game, my brother wiped out the entire Ork army, except for Makari, Ghazghul's (too lazy to look up the spelling) standard bearer. Makari had a 2+ invulnerable save. It was the last turn of the game, and Makari was surrounded in close combat by Gargoyles. He had been passing huge numbers of saves in past turns, and only had one left. I remember we were all gathered around, waiting for this last dice roll. In the end, Makari died on the last possible dice roll of the game. Even though I wasn't playing it was lots of fun to watch.

The second was a few years ago, in 4th edition. I took a D-Cannon just for the fun of it. I had deployed in quarters and had the first turn. My friend's Landraider was in range of my D-Cannon, so I figured I'd take a shot. I penetrated and exploded it, and the explosion killed a bunch of Marines and several Terminators. The rest of the game went downhill for him, but that opening shot stands out in my mind.

The third was more recently. A new player came to the game store, and to incorporate him we held a three-way game (in the back of the rulebook they present such a scenario). I had taken my newly painted Barbed Hierodule just for the fun of it. The game was a blast! The Hierodule struck fear into the hearts of my opponents, and caused tons of destruction. In the end he was taken out by TH/SS Terminators, and I ended up losing the game. Despite my loss, I ended the game with a big smile on my face. That game was much more fun than many of the past wins I'd had.

So what's the most fun you've had?


  1. My all time favorite game was when a friend of mine (http://40kfelix.blogspot.com/) decided to throw the normal games out the window and do a game like the Battle of Rorek's Drift. My sisters deployed in the center, defending a farm like structure and his tyranids came on from every table edge. We decided he would fall back when I killed half of his models on the board, only to launch another wave after I redeployed and rolled to see if killed models were dead, wounded, or fit for action.

    The sisters were doomed from the start, but it was a lot of fun to have a glorious last stand. The single moment which stands out to me was when a lone sister superior walked out the door of the farmhouse, shot a carnifex with her bolt pistol (6 to wound, 1 to save) and charged him. She rolled three sixes with divine guidance and killed him outright. Too bad no one survived to enter her name into the writ of honor.

  2. That sounds awesome! I read about that battle recently. I shall have to give that a try.

  3. Actually, one of the most amusing games I've had in a while happened last week. I took my Termie-Heavy BT list against one of my buddy's mech IG.

    I went second, and was facing a Demolisher and Vendetta, among ohter things.

    So, I rolled a 6 to seize the initiative, and fired a lascannon at the Demolisher. 6 to hit, 6 to pen, 6 for the explode.

    Then two Chimeras got immobilized on turn one, along with his Vendetta.

    ...then next turn, I promptly failed two morale tests.

    The dice were simply madly back and forth like that all game. It ended in a tie on objective s(...mmm, capture the flag) on turn 5, but had I had one more turn (Or just passed my damn morale tests on turn one and holy raged forward) I would've been in assault range for the end and probably won.

    Still, we were laughing our asses off because the dice just flip-flopped all game long, and did crazy shit. I think there were a few batches of rolls there were strictly average in that game. A few.


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