Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cypher, the Fallen Angel

Here's what I painted for a friend. It wasn't terribly hard to paint.
I was going to paint a red spiral on the back of his cloak, because in the Descent of Angels novel (painfully unenjoyable) they're constantly talking about the spiral, and part of Cypher's duty was to walk initiates through the spiral. Furthermore, his sightings are taking a spiral course centering on Terra. I tried it and it looked terrible, so I just went with the red border.
I also used Devlan Mud on the cloak, normally I use Gryphonne Sepia. I wanted him to look dirtier and worn down.

Now to find some proper rules for him. I saw some on a website a while back, I should have my friend playtest them. I didn't like everything about those rules, but until they make something official we can tweak them for my group.

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