Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gargoyles Get Rending?

So the latest round of rumors suggest that Gargoyles get rending, and they're going to be 6 points. Does this seem odd to anyone? Giving them rending is just weird. It's like Swooping Hawks having Haywire grenades, but even weirder than that. First off, Gargoyles are basically flying Termagants, with Bio-Plasma. How they are going to re-work bio-plasma in this new codex is beyond me, but I really hope it's not a CC upgrade like it is now.

Perhaps he meant to say scything talons? Are all Tyranids running around with Rending now? If they have rending, then what is the role of Genestealers? I guess the stealers will be more durable and have a better WS/I, but then there's the factor of points cost.

While I used to just love hearing the latest rumors, now I'm starting to get frustrated with them. Some of them contradict each other, others are just ridiculous, and some are just plain wishlisting. I used to follow several rumors threads on various fora, but I have sworn them off. I'm just going to wait for the inevitable leak, and the in-store copies to hit before I post anything else about rumors.

Currently on the repair table: 10 Ravenwing Landspeeders. Guys, do me two favors. First off, don't buy broken down models off ebay. Secondly, invest in proper carrying cases.


  1. I would guess that rending gargoyles is meant purely to sell models.

  2. If they make them plastic, I will guaranteed buy them anyway lol.

  3. I'm with Faolain -- if they make them plastic then they'll sell like hotcakes!


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