Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Painting Challenge Failed! Also, The Curse of Painted Models

Args! I failed to complete my Hierodule in time for the game. All I had left was to highlight the black and the blue. Of course, if I didn't have a family I totally would have got it done.

Anyway, we played a 6,000 pt apoc game today. Here is a brief batrep: It was me and Dark Angels versus Wolves, Guard, and Orks. Two of the most underwhelming codices versus three of the best. The first unit of mine to die was the Hierodule. He was in cover. Out of 7 missile launcher and lascannon shots that wounded him, I only passed one cover save. So the dice struck me down on the first turn. The second model of mine to die was my Malanthrope. So my two Forgeworld goodies were the first gone. Then a few Genestealers died, an the next guy to go was my Broodlord! Why do all the painted guys go first?

The Ork guy told me that in the first game he used his completed Stompa it got wasted on the first turn. Has anyone else had this curse?

Oh yeah, we ended up losing the battle by 100 points. The central objective was contested and when we totaled up the points we were found wanting.

A funny moment from the battle was a lone surviving Genestealer who charged some Long Fangs. In over three full game turns of combat, neither side inflicted any wounds on the other.

Finally, here's some pictures of my WIP Hierodule. It is past this stage now, but here's what I've got going on.


  1. It seems that all of my models that I convert the most tend to die or do nothing the first game I have with them. It is those fickle dice gods laughing at us, syaing "oohhh...nice new model....splat!"

    ps-the hierodule is looking great.

  2. It was a close game and I thought our plan pretty much happened the way we wanted it to with few exceptions. My favorite moment was at the end when my lone surviving Thunderbolt Fighter smashed a lascannon shot through the stompa exploding it and killing a bunch of orks.

    After you painted my Deathwing I think they took some major death on the table before they gave it out.


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