Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Zombie 40k Night!

**Double Edit:  I have updated the rules.  Here is the new version.**

*Edit: I have tested the scenario and it is fun but kind of broken! Here is the post in which I review how it went.*

I read about something like this a while back, and figured I'd write up my own version of this adventure. Here is the PDF. I have not playtested it yet. We were supposed to play it tonight, but Nurgle has seen fit to strike me down with some kind of nasty flu. So my group will either play without me or reschedule to Thursday night, when hopefully I'll be better.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, here's the intro:

++On a distant planet in the Imperium, war was raging. Like most planets in the Imperium, this one happened to be a Necron Tomb World, house important Chaos artifacts, be part of a Tau expansion, in the path of a Tyranid Hive-Fleet, and in the path of an Ork Waaaagh! Furthermore, the Eldar decided to join battle for reasons unknown. During the course of the fighting, Nurgle let slip his latest creation, Imperial Designated H1Z1, or the Plague Zombie Flu. This outbreak ground the fighting to a halt as the plague affected all combatants, xenos, machine, and human alike. Even Nurgle himself lost control of his own plague zombies. The leaders of each faction called a temporary uneasy truce. How this was managed is unknown but our plot demands it, thus it is so. The plague became so bad that the survivors became desperate to escape the planet before Exterminatus is declared.++

The objective is to reach the escape vehicle. Your character is any Independent Character from your codex. There is no points limit, but the character must be on foot.

There are character upgrades to balance out those characters with fewer options.

There are also 4 different kinds of zombies. When attacking a zombie with shooting or close combat, you have the rending ability which represents the chance of getting a headshot.

Zombies respawn, as do exploding barrels.

There are power up boxes scattered across the field, and when you get a headshot zombies will drop a box as well. Here's a sample power up:

Shotgun: Despite all the technological advancement of the galaxy, there is no better zombie-killing tool than a good ole’ pump action shotgun. The shotgun has the following profile:
Range 12” S: 4 (see special) AP: 6 (see special) Assault 1
If fired at a zombie within 6” you do not need to roll to hit, and that zombie suffers an automatic wound with no save possible. It may also be fired once at any time during the Shamble Phase. The Shotgun has 6 shots. Further pickups of this item will add D3+3 shots to your inventory. Once all ammo is gone it is discarded.

There is also an item called "The Hat Of Chuck Norris." Needless to say it's pretty potent.

Please note that it is not really intended to be balanced, but to be a fun zombie-killing night. But who cares about balance when there's zombies to kill? So what are you waiting for? Download it and let me know what you think! Run it with your groups and give me feedback so I can improve it for next time.


  1. It looks good...I will see if my group wants to play this on Halloween...What is your idea of it?

  2. We rescheduled to Thursday night, so I haven't run it yet. Let me know how it goes!


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