Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyranid Wishlisting: Heavy Support Edition

It's that time again! Here's what I feel needs some help in the Tyranid Heavy Support section.

Biovore: Ok, this guy needs help. A lot of people don't like the model. I don't mind the model, but the rules need work. Of course, by fixing Spore Mines, Biovores will become fixed automatically. Give them the large blast template (at least for frag mines) or make them cheaper. Perhaps Biovores should fire D3 mines per turn.

Zoanthrope: I like the model but he really needs to be plastic. It is so top heavy it is impossible to place on a hill. As for the rules, he's one of our best tank hunting options...if you can pass a psychic test, roll to hit, then penetrate the armor and hope they aren't obscured. My terrible Mathhammers suggests that you only have a 44% chance of penetrating AV 10. With a S10 weapon. It gets worse when you consider AV 14- a 22% chance to glance/penetrate. Their fix is simple- remove the roll to hit for that psychic power. Furthermore, they need a better invulnerable save. 6+ is laughable.

Carnifex: I don't think the 'fex needs any fixing. All the 'fex needs is for some of the biomorphs to be fixed and he's good to go. I love how you can customize a Carnifex any way you want. I hope that stays.

What Heavy Support needs: I really really really would love to see a plastic Trygon, but based on the rumors I picked up it's probably not happening. Instead, I'd love to see a massive piece of living artillery, such as the old Epic or Armorcast Dactylis or Exocrine. All the 'nids need in the way of shooting is reliable anti-tank, and either of those can provide it.

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  1. CArnie needs an anti-tank gun and the biomorphs fixed.

    The Biovore could use a better anti-tank shot, in lieu of spore mines even.

    The Zoey? I built them in plastic from the Warrior kit. They could use at least a 5+ invulnerable, and the BS3 and short range hurts their ability to hunt tanks. 50% chance to hit, penetrates AV11 5/6 times, so...has a 41.6% chance to pen it BEFORE you pass the psychic test. Ld10 means you pass 11/12 times, so you'd get a hit off the power 45.8% of the time. (I think.)

    I could deal with a Monstrous Creature artillery type thing, honestly.


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