Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So It Looks Like I'm Going To Have To Play Blood Angels

As I said earlier, I went ahead and ordered Space Hulk. I really look forward to it now, seeing the new sculpts and the paint jobs look fantastic. I especially love how the Terminators have plenty of battle damage. Showing the sprues allayed my fears that the minis would be the flexible plastic ones like Descent. Also from what I heard, the minis are indeed 40k size, so with some magnetic bases looks like I have a new army started.

I have been thinking for about a year now, which chapter should I start? I was thinking about either Blood Angels, Space Wolves, or Iron Hands. I was also considering doing a pre-heresy Traitor legion (and I may still do it later), but it looks like my mind has been made up for me. I have the feeling we'll be seeing lots of Blood Angels players in the next year...

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