Sunday, August 16, 2009

Should I Get Space Hulk?

So if all the rumors are true and the mystery box is Space Hulk, should I get it? Rumors say that it will be priced at £80, which is about $120. I (as any married man) am on a limited spending budget. I have enough in my budget to get it, but right now I want more terrain. If it were any normal advance order, I would simply just wait and get it later, but all the rumors say that this will be a short run only.

I never played it growing up, though a friend had it. Oddly enough, I played Warhammer by that point and he didn't, so it helped introduce him to the game. I had never heard of it, and when I was showing him how to play 40k, he said that it reminded him of another game he had.

So is the game worth it, or is everyone looking at it through the rose-colored goggles of their long-forgotten halcyon days of youth?

*Edit: I have indeed pre-ordered it. I have one main concern, one that hit me after I ordered it. Are the minis going to be full size and usable in 40k? If so, then I have made a very wise purchase. If not, I shall have to judge the game on its merits alone.

**Second Edit: Man, what's with all the people whining about "Waaahhhh they lied, they said it was something they've never done before!" Can anyone verify that a GW higher-up said this? It was one of the rumors floating around, but no one can seem to produce any solid evidence.


  1. Without sounding too cynical, it just seems like a blatant money-grab to me. GW doesn't have a great history of keeping "limited" items limited, and this faux secret project nonsense was really OTT.

    You'd be better off buying terrain or dropping the money on a nice Forge World purchase.

  2. Its not £80. If you go to their website, its up for pre-order. £58.70. Not the cheapest set they sell, but if it is limited edition, probably worth picking one up.

    I have been a fan boy enough, and brought it myself.


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