Monday, August 3, 2009

My New Engine of Entropy

For my birthday, I asked my dad to make me an entropy engine, also known as a dice randomizer. This is what I got:

The wood is slightly darker than the picture shows it, I had terrible lighting.

My 1 year old loves it. You can see her feet in this picture as she was sitting next to it while I was taking a picture of it, waiting for me to be done so she could run some dice through.

My dad built this with pegs instead of ramps, as I think the pegs do a better job of bouncing the dice around.

It's about 15.5" long and just as tall, and the dice catcher also doubles as a carrying case, as it folds down. It's big but it can handle a lot of dice at once which is nice when I've got bladestorming Dire Avengers.

I like rolling in it as I feel I get more random results. It may be purely psychological, but perhaps I shall run some tests and see just how random the results are with and without. My FLGS owner liked it so much he said he'd sell them if my dad were to make more. I'm trying to convince him to do so.


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