Monday, August 2, 2010

Help Me Pick A Fantasy Army

I'm going to get into Fantasy. I'm just having a hard time settling on an army. The new edition shakes everything up. So I figured I'd put it to the blogging community to give me a hand.

I played Fantasy back in 5th edition, I started with Wood Elves and then went to Lizardmen. I traded away all my Lizzies for Eldar and I only had like three WE models so I'm pretty much going tabula rasa here. Here's all the armies of Fantasy and what I'm thinking:

Beastmen: There's not much of an appeal to me. I think a lot of the new model kits are pretty great, but it's just not my aesthetic style.

Bretonnia: I like the idea that each knight should be painted differently, but the army in general doesn't appeal to me. Plus, I already know at least two guys who play them.

Daemons: Once again, there's no appeal for me. I don't like the theme of Chaos armies so they're out.

Dark Elves: Of all the evil armies, this one intrigues me a bit. I am slightly tempted by this one, but I'm not quite sure. They just seem too fragile.

Dwarfs: I like their warmachines but I'm not a fan of slow armies. I am pretty intrigued though by a full shooting army. I don't even know if it's a good choice, but I kind of like the idea.

High Elves: Can't play them. My best friend plays them and we have a long-standing "eternal battle." Even though we don't live in the same state anymore and won't play against each other very often, it's still a point of pride. Plus they just don't appeal to me.

Lizardmen: Now we're talking. I love dinosaurs. I really like this army but I have a couple of concerns. Firstly, I love the Stegadon model but I hear that it's not as viable in 8th now because cannons can wipe out the whole thing in one shot. Secondly, I've heard that terradons aren't as effective against warmachines as they used to be. From what I've read it's all about big blocks of saurus now and while I do want a block or two of them in my army, I also want other choices to be viable as well.

Ogre Kingdoms: No real appeal here.

Orcs and Goblins: I've never had any appeal for playing orks of any kind.

Skaven: I am slightly intrigued with them now because of all the new models and how I will be able to get them for cheap. I'm just not looking forward to painting a horde army. Plus I don't know how much I like the mutated/diseased theme.

The Empire: I don't want to play "just the humans" in Fantasy.

Tomb Kings: There's quite a bit of appeal here. I like the undead theme, and how they're a neutral army in the Warhammer world. They're also getting redone soon from what I hear, so I am leaning in this direction. I'm just jealous that the VC get better looking skeletons.

Vampire Counts: Great looking skeletons! But I don't dig this army very much, I've never been very keen on Vampires in general.

Warriors of Chaos: While I think the block of standard Chaos warriors is one of the most fearsome looking blocks in the game, it's Chaos so it's out.

Wood Elves: I absolutely love the fluff. A bunch of Elves who just want to be left alone. They represent nature at its most harsh and cruel. I have a problem with two things however. Firstly, I don't like the half-helmet thing some of the models have going on. It looks good on the heroes but not on the troopers. Secondly, from looking at the army book it seems that they just don't have any "punch." There's nothing that really deals out a lot of damage. No hammer or deathstar unit. Rumors speak of them getting updated so I wonder if I should hold out for that.

So if you've got any advice for me, post a comment! Tell me how 8th is treating your army and help push me in a direction.


  1. Dwarfs are not slow anymore. With a 2D6 + 3 charge range, Dwarfs can charge nearly as well as any other army.

  2. CTF, do you play Dwarfs? Can you give me some insight into how they play now?

  3. You should pick the one you like the look and style the best. I love the lizards and i think they are a very competitive army so I play them. I also have dark elves which i like the looks but not the style so I don't do well with them.

  4. I have no idea when wood elves will geta new book so they are out for now.

    Skaven are a horde army. Lots of guys supported by decent shooting and decent magic plus unique stuff. Very diverse. Epitimize 8th edtion.

    Lizzardmen are space frogs and you can't get much cooler than that. However that being said. Your bread butter is the Slann. Kinda weak in shooting , kinda blaize in close combat ( not elite fighters, too many points for horde unless skinks). so if magic is your thing go for it.

  5. Faolain,

    Just follow your inner warhammer soul. It will tell you what to do. :P

  6. I played Dwarfs long ago. But from what I've been told, the current army has excellent magic defense, strong cannons (with a full 1D6 wounds inflicted on a hit)and hard infantry. My only complaint about the list is you only have 1 real type of unit - its all Dwarfs with different types equipment. No cavalry, no monsters, no sneaky units, etc ....


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