Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have Selected a Fantasy Army

Don't worry, this blog will not turn into a Fantasy blog. After much consternation, debate and deliberation I have finally selected a Fantasy army. This is the longest I've ever given to this thought process, as in the past I've mostly selected my army on first impressions and impulses. This time I carefully considered the models, the aesthetics, the labor costs, the army lists, and the playstyle. I thought about what I want in an army and which armies had it. So, the army I have selected is...

Skaven. What I want in an army is mobility, warmachines, and magic. True, Skaven don't have cavalry but their basic move is faster than average and they have ways of getting where they need to go. They have crazy warmachines and they have some unique and potent magic effects.

Also, with the new Island of Blood set I should be able to get a pretty sizeable army for a relatively low investment. My best friend plays High Elves so we're planning on swapping our sets so that will give me about 1400 pts for less than $100. I plan on using the Army Painter brown primer, quickshade, and GW foundation paints to get them painted as quickly as possible.

I used to hate the old Skaven models. They were pretty uninteresting and dull but with all the new kits I'm just amazed at how far GW has come. The Screaming Bell and Doomwheel kits are amazing. All the models in the range look fantastic.

So why not Lizardmen? I used to play them, and the Stegadon is a beautiful kit, but I'm concerned with how the army plays in 8th. I think I would have liked them more in 7th, but while I still like them I kind of have a "been there, done that" feeling with them. That won't stop me from picking them up later...

I looked at the other armies and while I'd consider starting up several of them I think it's good for me to play something totally different. I need to move my own cheese, if you would. I've always played leadership reliable armies (Eldar with most everything a 9, Tyranids with widespread Fearless, Lizzies with Cold-Blooded and Wood Elves with high L) so I'm going to have to think differently. I've never had strong warmachines in Fantasy before. Even though the Misfire charts are devastating, I think the carnage they wreak will be worth it.

So my first purchases will be the Army Book of course, then IoB when it comes out, brown primer and quickshade. By the way, have you seen the new IoB miniatures? I haven't seen this on any of the major rumormongering websites, but GW has been putting them out daily for a while. Here they are.

As I said in the beginning, this won't turn into a WHFB blog. 40k is still my main game (though I haven't actually played 8th yet, so that may change). I may start a separate blog for my Skaven, or I may just post pictures here and there.


  1. I'm having a hard time not going skaven myself with IoB coming up. But alas I chose warriors of chaos long ago and I can't abandon them just yet... Or can I?

  2. Don't consider it abandoning. Consider it...supplementing.


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