Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming Kill-Team Tournament

So my LGS is hosting a Kill-Team tournament next week. The owner wanted to to KT because we have a lot of new players and he wants everyone to be able to participate. After careful playtesting we came up with some other restrictions for the tournament. Here is our FAQ/Format restrictions. It's pretty much set in stone at this point but I would still appreciate feedback for future events.


Nothing with an armor value may be chosen.

Nothing with greater than three wounds may be chosen.

No unique units may be chosen (such as Marbo or Deathleaper)

Universal Special Rules must be chosen during army building (they must be on your roster).

You may not assign the following Universal Special Rules to your models (if they already come with it, that's fine): Swarms and Turbo-Boosters.

In the interest of time, models that are all going the same general direction may share the same "Run" roll, though the controlling player does not have to do so. If you do this, you must declare which models are going to share the roll before rolling.

All "specialists" (the three models with the bonus Universal Special Rule) must be clearly distinct. This can be something simple like a piece of colored tape on the base.

When splitting fire, you must declare all targets simultaneously. For example, if I have a Heavy Bolter, I can't fire the first shot and see if it kills its target before I declare the next target with the second shot. I have to state how many shots are going at each target at the same time.

Q: Do squads have to deploy together and then move off separately, or do they deploy individually just like they were their own units?

Since each model is its own unit, they don't have to start off in coherency.

Q: How do things like Orders and Exarch powers work, and other "benefits the squad" type rules?

Powers affect only models that stay within 2" of the character granting the upgrade power.

Q: Reserves aren't used in the KT scenario. What about a unit that must start in reserve such as a drop pod?

If a unit must enter via reserves, it deploys normally at the start of the game.

Q: When half the Kill-Team is gone, what if there is no model remaining on the table with a LD value?

Use the "standard" leadership of the army. Space Marines would be an 8, IG and Orks would be a 7, Eldar would be an 8 and so on. (This point is moot as vehicles are not allowed in this tournament.)

Q: What if your last models are fearless?

They still have to take the leadership test. It's not a morale test.

Q: If one of the models has the Stubborn rule, does that affect the roll to determine if you lose?

No, Stubborn only affects Morale tests, and the final roll is a Leadership test.

Q: Since you can split fire, can you assault a different model than one you shot at?

No. You can only assault models that you shot at.

Army Specific Questions:

Necrons: The Phase Out rule is not used.

Tau: If you buy a squad of pathfinders, you do not need to take their transport.

Eldar: The Skyleap Exarch power is not used.

We originally decided to take Troops only, but it was kind of dull and certain armies had major advantages over others. Then we decided to go with no vehicles after a couple rounds of telling games, one player took a Vendetta and no one could touch him. He simply moved away from everything, because he was so high up he had a clear LoS to everything. The best strategy for taking him out was to kill the troopers he had, so he just put half of them inside the Vendetta and that pretty much ended it.

We then made the armor restrictions to nothing with a total armor value of all three sides 33+. I took three dual cannon Vypers and was untouchable. I was putting out 18 S6 shots per turn. I won all my games, the worst damage I took was I lost a weapon.

Finally we settled on no vehicles but with the standard KT FOC. After our testing this proved to be the best.

I'm taking Eldar but I don't want to reveal my list ideas just yet! I've tried out a lot of combinations and I still want to try a few more.

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  1. Wish I could be there. I'd like to see my Dark Angels on the board.


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