Thursday, July 29, 2010

Planetary Empires Completed

I finished up another commission here with Planetary Empires. The client wanted it about 1/3 ashen waste, 1/3 desert and 1/3 agriworld. The ashen waste and the desert were quite simple, but the desert was a pain and a half. I still don't think I got it right. The tiles are double-sided so I was painting twice what you see here. The worst part about this project wasn't the painting (besides the desert areas) but the fact that even the thinnest layer of paint causes the tiles to no longer fit together. So I had to shave off that thickness either with a file or a knife. Then, I had to redrill all the holes so that the pegs would fit. The second worst part was painting 96 flags.


  1. I actually think your desert areas look good....! The lighter beige bits blend well with the duller brown / red bits to create a good overall tone to the tiles.

    But I hear your pain about the thin layers of paint causing the tiles to not fit together well any longer - it is a problem for me as well.

  2. Never the less, thank you very much. They look great!


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