Thursday, March 12, 2009

Minor Broodlord Conversion

*Edit: See the finished product here.

Forgive the terrible picture quality! I wanted to model the biomorphs that I usually take on my Broodlord, so I took pieces from a couple of different Tyranid kits and added them. While the Extended Carapace and the Toxin Sacs aren't very noticeable, I think the Flesh Hooks look great. I tried doing Feeder Tendrils but that didn't work out so well. I decided that his tongue would have to represent those. He's still got the "hug me" pose, but the flesh hooks really do make a difference to it. He has now been basecoated and anxiously awaits my does almost everything else I own.

In other news, the Dire Avengers are almost finished! Just a little bit of highlights and touch ups, plus basing and they will be finished.


  1. Nice added touch. Looking forward to seeing it painted.

    I was thinking of adding feeder tendrils to my next broodlord. Wondering what might work best. Did you try to create tendrils, or convert them from left over genestealer feeders?

  2. I tried to run two tentacle type things down the side of his face. There's a perfect groove for it on either side of his face, but I could not get it to look right. I had taken the tubes from a gaunt devourer and tried to convert that into the tentacles.

    Perhaps you could chop off the front of his face and use a Lictor's tendrils? With enough green stuff it just might work.


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