Sunday, March 8, 2009

Forgeworld Update

So I have all my Forgeworld models cleaned and assembled (except for the Nightspinner, for which I will need a Falcon chassis). For the Cobra, I have not glued on the engines, the cannon, the cannon housing or the pilots. I intend to paint those separately as painting them together would make certain spots inaccessible. Also for the Cobra, I had to shave off the little bump where the gun meets the chassis as it was crooked.

For the Hierodule, I glued his body all together except the arms and the lower jaw (it would be very difficult to get the teeth with the jaw in place). I also did not glue the legs to the base. I set up pins in all the arm joints for painting purposes and to help glue them later on.

The Malanthrope is entirely glued together (with the exception of the base). None of the pieces will really interfere with painting. I probably need to magnetize it to the base so it's easier for transportation.

I am currently finishing up painting a Dire Avenger squad, when they're done I am going to either finish up another Wave Serpent or start on the Cobra. I'll at least get the basecoat done and will decide later what to do.

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  1. To answer your question, no. They come with no bases at all. The wooden parts are from Hobby Lobby, and the metal bar came from home depot. It holds it fairly well.


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