Saturday, March 28, 2009

Airbrushing Frenzy

Thursday I decided to get some airbrushing done, and I figured while I was at it I should brush everything I had that needed it. I got a lot done. You can see about 30 Deathwing terminators (which I am painting as a commission), two Deathwing Landraiders, 10 Swooping Hawks, 12 Howling Banshees, a Forgeworld Cobra, a Barbed Heirodule and a Malanthrope.

The Deathwing are a light cream color, when I go over them with the ink they will be darker. I had to custom mix that color using white airbrush paint and Bleached Bone. The Hawks are a blend of a few colors, I'm not fully satisfied with it, but they're still far down the painting queue. My Tyranid paint scheme is purple skin with blue carapace, so I only painted the skin on the nids. The nice thing about the airbrush colors is they naturally act like washes, saving me a step. Finally, the Cobra got a black coat.

Instead of using black primer on the Cobra, I opted to use a white primer with a black airbrush coat. The reason why is that I can't fine black primer anywhere. No hardware store seems to carry it. I used to get it years ago, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Rather than shell out $15 for a can of GW primer, I'd rather spend $4 on some white primer from the hardware store. I tried the Armory brand but it ended up getting bumpy and chunky on my models.

Anyway, I'm working on the Landraiders right now. Once those and the Terminators are done, I'll work on my Cobra.

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  1. Duplicolor Sandable Primer. any auto store. THE only primer I use anymore unless it's winter and I'm using Reaper Master Series brush-on.

    Black, White, a medium Grey, and a rust red/terracotta color. Usually $3.99.


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