Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forgeworld Goodies!

Technically, this post is a bit late seeing as this actually arrived last week (I've been working on putting them together, that's why I didn't post this sooner). Thought I'd post what came in the mail.

I agonized for weeks on what to get and finally settled on it. I considered getting a Nightwing or Trygon, but did not because rumors have been floating around about those models coming out in plastic. Also, I could easily convert a Trygon out of a Carnifex. I considered getting a Tyranid Assault Brood with my funds but seeing as the pound was at a record low, I figured this would be the best chance to get some Forgeworld models at a great price.

I debated most heavily on the Malanthrope. While it's little more than a glorified Hive Tyrant, I love the look of the model. It's the most Lovecraftian Tyranid beast and as a fan of Lovecraft, looks won over rules.

There's a Whirlwind in there which a friend ordered and tacked it along my order. Oddly enough, it was cheaper from Forgeworld than a regular one would be at the GW store.

I also got the Night Spinner conversion kit. My original plan was to get a Firestorm+Night Spinner and magnetize the turret, but they don't give you enough parts to do that. I don't actually have a Falcon chassis for it right now, but I'm getting a Cloudstrike squadron once I get a bit caught up on my painting backlog. I am instead going to do a Firestorm conversion. Yet another project on the back burner...

Then there's the Cobra. It's a massive model, and they kindly didn't include any parts list so I hope I got everything. It's probably not the most effective unit for its cost, and it only has one gun, but said gun's power level is over 9,000. I can't wait to have one turn of ultimate destruction, followed by nothing but weapon shaken results. But, that one turn will be worth it.

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