Sunday, April 5, 2009

Painting Table Updates

Here's what's currently on the painting table. While I'm currently painting two Deathwing landraiders for a friend (which you can see in the back left), they are in need of dire repairs so I have one clamped and hopefully it holds. This is the third time I've tried gluing it. If it fails this time it will be battle damage. Foreground you can see what I was working on while waiting for the glue to dry. I did an airbrushed fade on the Wave Serpent, and I'm going to adorn it with some kind of pattern but I haven't settled on how to do it yet.

Also note the Deathwing terminator, I tried using the airbrush to spray the washes like they suggest. It works pretty well. The only problem is that it puddles up on the shoulderpads since there's no recesses for the wash to flow into. So I have to go over it with a lighter bleached bone. After that, I drybrushed the figure with bleached bone and it works great! I haven't done the detail yet, I'm waiting on that but I think I should get them all done quickly. I'd like to have them done before May 2, that's when we're playing our big Apocalypse game. I'd like to finish them fast so I can get to painting on my own projects.

I have a nice desk in the backroom but I have moved my painting operation out to the kitchen table so I don't feel isolated from my family when I paint. My wife also does her scrapbooking on the kitchen table. We have also moved our seeded plants for our garden to the table so the baby doesn't destroy them, leaving us nowhere to eat.

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