Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day

Here's my links for Old Stuff Day:

Brother Claudio from Space Hulk.  One of the finest minis I've painted and without a single comment.

The correct plural of codex.  One of my most viewed pages yet so few people do it right.

My Barbed Hierodule.  My first appearance on the Tuesday Top 10.

Painting the Blastscape.  Quit whining how it's vacuum formed and paint it properly.

The Malanthrope.  One of my favorite FW models, and painted quite nicely I might add!  Excuse the bad photography, I've gotten better.

A humorous look at the comment section of a famous wargaming website.  Some of the jokes are a bit dated but it's entertaining nonetheless.  One guy thought the post was real and quoted my fake rumor without linking back to the source or even giving credit.  LOLs were had by all (except for him).

My first Fire Prism!  I've had that model for a long long long long time, back in 2nd edition and I finally painted it.  It was the first vehicle I painted in my 40k renaissance.  Now if I could just paint the rest of the stuff I bought back in 2nd...

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  1. Thanks for sharing... I can't believe I missed that terminator. Too bad Old Stuff Day only comes around once per year, right?


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