Monday, March 28, 2011

Building the GK Paladin/Terminator Kit

So in addition to the Dreadknight, I get to build the GK Terminator/Paladins.  I'm going to be building them all differently for proper wound allocation shenanigans, but I just wanted to show you all how much stuff comes on the sprue.  These sprues are packed with bits, and every item is covered in detail.  Remember a while back when Space Hulk came out and we were all blown away with the level of detail and character on each Terminator?  It seems like the GK kits are the scions of that style.  I'm going to start building them tomorrow, here's what I'm thinking:

1 Apothecary
1 with Psycannon
1 with Incinerator
1 with Force Stave
1 with Banner

I really want to use the Falchions though, so if anyone can make a better suggestion for me on how to build them that would be appreciated.  This is mostly for display purposes so competitiveness isn't really the issue here.  Also if you have any questions about what's on the sprues let me know.

Oh, and for magnetizing purposes it should be pretty much like magnetizing your standard Terminator.


  1. I would love to hear more details on this...

    Also, I fear different weapons are at the HAND and not the shoulder, they will NOT be as easy to magnitize.

    If you have some good ideas on this, please share!

    thanks for the post!

  2. In almost all CCW cases you're going to magnetize both the hand and the shoulder. I would cut the left arm off just above the elbow and magnetize those as well as the hands. The right hand would also be magnetized.


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