Friday, March 26, 2010

A New and Improved Mycetic Spore

This update comes from my new computer! Here's another Mycetic Spore that I built last week.

This one looks kind of like the Saarlac. It's a bit big, I thought it would shrink more in the kiln but I was wrong.

It took me a bit longer to build this one compared to the first one. I still was really rough with the lines. I consider this one a rough draft, but I think this is the direction I want to take my spores. It's actually lighter than my first one and less fragile. I just have to figure out the sizing issues now. The next one shouldn't take too long to build as I know what I'm doing now.


  1. after checking the scale I don't like it as a mycetic spore however as a terrain feature I think it is great just add some color and it is ready.

    in either case it looks cool my only concer is the scale.

  2. Right, I'm going to make it smaller. I overestimated when I was building it. I'm going to aim for the same diameter as a closed Drop Pod.

  3. I actually think the scale is fine, depending on what you use it for. Remember, a Spore can hold a Carnifex or twenty Gaunts (or ten Warriors + a Prime). I'm using the Armorcast terrain pieces for the ones that drop in my Zoeys right now, which are may 1/4 that size, and I've had people remark that they're awfully small.

    The huge footprint could be a concern, though. That's the main reason I've steered away from the "fully opened pod" style of model.


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